Re: quest - Riurik , 08.04.2000 21:50 MSK
Vot note kotoryj byl tam zdes' i forge i brews:
Now that you have proven yourselves worthy, I would like you to band together under one leader, & retrieve several items which I need.
You may already have these items from team play.
I need 1 small sapling, 1 chunk of ice, 1 calabash gourd and a key called sliver of darkness to brew a thick black potion.
I need 1 large flask, 1 link of haggis, 1 boars head 1 chip of treant bark & 1 small elven shield to brew a glowing green potion.
I also need 1 quartz bracelet to go with the claddagh ring, wool cape, twisted necklace, & 1 chip of treant bark to forge a magical ring.
Several items I was going to use to reward you were taken from me & given to several evil loa spirits who live in a
dangerous land called the Dark Covenant.
Can you retrieve these items for me? Tanalis

   quest - Kanila , 08.04.2000 14:20 MSK