Nashel :) - Koshe , 10.05.2000 14:36 MSK
: complete poy guide tam v kontse opisan put k aging soul :)

Finally you are done and got all the cps! Now comes the funniest part.
Fly Invis self and run:
.15e3s2u2n2eu3e2s2e3u; open gates; .4n; op gate; .2n; op grate; d, kill asp. Splork 200k hard hitting mob. After that kill man (adam) and woman (eve), cause she loots coins pretty quick. All mobs are comparabe to asp. Get glowing white key from man's corpse. Go up, .2n; op gate; .2nu4s; unlock door, open door; s; pray gabriel and... BREW ELIXIR.
   ??? - Elrus , 10.05.2000 14:21 MSK