Re: Spellbook popping howto :) - Alesha , 30.04.2001 02:22 MSK
: Всегда же можно по-хорошему договориться, зачем сразу бросаться с ножом?
: < ~murrr~ >
..... Ну или с магией :)

The Inn
A big banana lies here.
A small silver plated dog collar has been left on the ground here.
A small silver piece of paper flutters in the wind.
Helxen Ki-Ta-Me-Lo-Rif, Furry Jellicai is standing here.
Bolid the Untitled is standing here.
The Innkeeper is here, waiting to rent you a room for the night.

< 542hp 187ma 116mv >
Helxen drops a forest green spellbook.

< 542hp 187ma 116mv >
Bardak has entered the game.

< 542hp 219ma 122mv >
get forest
The Innkeeper helps Helxen into her private chamber.

< 542hp 219ma 122mv >
You pick up a forest green spellbook.

< 542hp 219ma 122mv >
Bardak says 'Privet'

< 542hp 219ma 122mv >
Nbear has entered the game.

А я о чем? :))))))))))
   Spellbook popping howto :) - Helxen , 29.04.2001 18:44 MSK