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: The Inn
: This inn is quite lavishly furnished. The walls are made of a rich
: walnut wood and the floor is covered with a fine, hand made red carpet.
: Comfortable chairs rest behind a large table in one corner while the
: reception desk rests in another. A large chandelier made of elegant
: crystals hangs overhead providing the room with light. Several pictures
: hang on the wall above the desk. Sounds of laughter and music can be
: heard from the north.
: Exits: North South
: A brightly lit Christmas Tree stands here in the corner...It has a soft glowing aura!
: The Innkeeper is here, waiting to rent you a room for the night.
: < 181hp 109ma 80mv >
: This pine tree has a huge angel sitting on the top, grinning
: down upon you in an evil way! (aka Jake).
: ..It has a soft glowing aura!

Гхмм... как бы люди еще и рождество отмечают... 25 декабря которое... типа заранее готовятся
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