Re: Nice pop.... - Romano , 08.04.2003 08:11 MSK
: < 329hp 52ma 119mv >
: Formed from a giant block of dark metal, this statue is covered with soot
: and ash. Its eyes glow from the fire within and flames shoot from its
: hands. The statue has gone out of control, seeking to purge the world
: clean with fire. Any movement draws its attention and its fiery rage.
: The fire machine looks pretty hurt.
: You attempt to peek at the inventory:
: the corpse of Quins
: < 329hp 52ma 119mv >

Обычная шутка, кто-то ложит что-нибудь в inventory моба, кричит POP! И все смеются.
   Nice pop.... - Allein , 07.04.2003 20:56 MSK