Re: unstealable restrings - Romano , 14.05.2003 07:22 MSK
: You'll eventually hear from someone that I'm tracking down unstealable bags and robes and adding the appropriate keywords to them.
: Having these items is obviously outside the scope of fair play because they circumvent the steal command. Restrings weren't designed to circumvent part of the game.
: I realize giving up these items is traumatic, so if you contact me before I contact you, I'll move the restring for you (if you like) to another item, and reward you with a few drachma and a godsanc. If you don't want drachma, I may even do a free restring.
: Matthew Lewis (Ming)

Вот так. А теперь быстро в очередь к Мингу, он будет восстанавливать справедливость в этом злом злом мире. :)
   unstealable restrings - Uziel , 14.05.2003 01:01 MSK