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: Ok.
: __ Between the Saloon and the Cobbler Shop
: The shoemaker's is a tall wooden building with plate glass windows on
: each side of the doorway. Over the oaken door, a picture of a white shoe
: has been painted on a sign. To the north, a long, wooden two-story
: building rests upon the earth. In the archway near the center of the front
: wall, a pair of swinging double doors flaps in the chill breeze. A large,
: white wooden sign is above the double doors. Tumbleweeds race eastward
: along the street, while overhead a bell tolls twice.
: The skeletal knight of fire reels back his longsword and attacks!
: < 842hp 287ma 224mv >
: order familiar e
: Ok.
: __ You are too frightened to go that way.

another area
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