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huh? - Leshik , 12.11.1999 11:02 MSK
: As a newbie the best and safest way for you to gain experience points (what you use to gain levels) is to group with others to kill mobs. At first, ask a leader of a group if you may join. To find out what groups are available, type "gwho".
: To group, type "group (your name)". Then type "follow (leader's name)". Then you are all set. One person in the group, usually the person listed after the leader in the group (type "group" to see this listing) is called the "tank". This character takes all of the hits for the group. When a battle starts, type "assist (tank's name)".
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Why would i prefer my kobolds to a group? I like to control the situation. If i die i have to blame only myself. Once i die in a group I am able to blame clerics, tank, leader and everyone else. But it's all bullshit.

: bye
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