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Logins в новом свете - bloom , 08.05.2000 23:56 MSK
Случайно попала на забавную страничку =)
Результат: предлагаю постмотреть на свои ники в новом свете 8-)

B.L.O.O.M.: Biomechanical Lifeform Optimized for Observation and Mathematics
J.O.V.I.S.: Judge Optimized for Violence and Intensive Sabotage
U.N.D.E.A.D.: Upgraded Networked Device Engineered for Assassination and Destruction
K.A.N.I.L.A.: Kinetic Artificial Nocturnal Infiltration and Learning Android
M.E.G.A.: Machine Engineered for Galactic Assassination
G.E.R.A.: Galactic Exploration and Repair Android
F.A.L.S.R.A.: Functional Artificial Lifeform Skilled in Repair and Assassination
R.O.M.A.N.O.: Robotic Obedient Machine Assembled for Nocturnal Observation
M.E.D.V.E.D.: Mechanical Entity Designed for Violence and Efficient Destruction
P.L.O.O.: Positronic Lifeform Optimized for Observation
K.O.S.H.E.: Knight Optimized for Sabotage and Hazardous Exploration
P.L.U.S.: Positronic Lifeform Used for Sabotage
C.H.E.B.: Construct Hardwired for Exploration and Battle
M.I.R.R.O.R.: Mechanical Individual Responsible for Repair and Online Reasoning
E.L.I.K.S.: Electronic Lifeform Intended for Killing and Sabotage
F.A.L.C.A.: Functional Artificial Lifeform Calibrated for Assassination
M.E.T.: Machine Engineered for Troubleshooting
K.R.E.T.S.U.: Kinetic Robotic Exploration and Terran Sabotage Unit
D.A.N.: Digital Artificial Neohuman
D.O.T.: Device Optimized for Troubleshooting
S.H.I.M.B.O.: Synthetic Humanoid Intended for Mandatory Battle and Observation
S.E.R.E.G.A.: Synthetic Electronic Replicant Engineered for Galactic Assassination
T.A.N.A.T.: Technician Assembled for Nocturnal Assassination and Troubleshooting

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