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Ravenloft - Koshe , 15.05.2000 11:49 MSK
Ja nedavno na english criere postnul neskolko voprosov no nikto tolkom ne otvetil - vot oni :)

Is the area good exp ? Or is it just there to surround the ravensfire forge, wereraven cloak and flecks?

If it's good exp what are the best things to kill ( in a group) ?

Whats the total exp on Ivan, Georgi, High Priest, reverants, spectral knights, Golem and Child?

Which mobs are aggro, whimpy, ethereal, have annoying procs ( like kick you out of the room etc.)?

What is the normal groupsize for Ravenloft?

I've taken a liking to leading lately so when I can't play I sort of think of areas which I've never been to and want to lead. I will be grateful for any advice on leading this area.

Thanks Koshe.

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