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Some quest results - Riurik , 30.09.2000 11:06 MSK
< 548hp 406ma 103mv > Gangrel gets a purple dragon's claw from his a goody bag...return to an immort..

< 548hp 406ma 103mv > Gangrel gives you a purple dragon's claw.

Qaz'y aka Aziz got CHelm
Alatar got Robes of Archmagi

Item list :
There is something written upon it:

restring token
cracked skull lamp light +3 margn +5hp
ring of ancient evil -.4 +hprgn
molded band of bees wax -.0 +20ma
obsidian guards -.7 +20hp
purple dragons claw -.0 +10ma +2margn
gigantic winged bee's shell -2.4 +15mv
red dragon shirt -2.1 +con
black infantry helm -1.0 +10mv +mvrgn
crystal helm -.0 +10ma +margn
dinoskin leg plates -1.6
soft, yellow leg plates -.8 +15mv +sneak
steel mesh boots -.4 +hit
winged shoes -.0 +15mv +fly
thick iron gauntlets -.4
pair of black eog gauntlets -.0 +dam +10mv
yellow and black ribbons -.4 +str +5hp
granite bracers -.8
golden lancers shield -.5 +2str +2mvrgn
godly shield of light -.9 +con
robes of the archmagi -.0 +10ma
huge blanket -.5 resist cold
royal purple sash -.1 +5ma +mvrgn
fiendish girth -.4 -save/spell
jade bracelet -.4 -2save/breath
ruby bracelet -.0 +10ma
obsidian pearl -.5 +15hp
small pebble -.0 +2margn +5ma
long, jagged sword 4d3 +0 +2 -5yr
sharp bee's stinger 3d3 +3 +0 proc
sable gimlet 2d5 +1 +3

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