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New potion - Alchemist , 26.04.2001 22:36 MSK
Blackmore (Dean Wagner) wrote:

Thanks to Blaster for the little quest for the new's the info on it. I don't have the
exact names of the items memorized, but all but the needle are common components:
A few belladonna leaves
A vial of blood
A vial of alcohol
A small patch of moss
A diamond needle file

The file pops on the nurses in Far North. The brewer is the nurse in The Castle (BH).
Here is the ID for it:
Object 'potion cleansing', Item type: POTION
Item is: GLOW
Wieght: 1, Value: 3500
Level 40 spells of:
cure plague
talshans tribute
talshans tribute

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