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Re: 2-winded cook - greedy Helxen , 22.05.2001 19:57 MSK
Third Floor of the Mansion
Exits: East West Down
The ghost of the cook is looking for some meat to carve.
The ghost of the cook hates your Guts!
The ghost of the cook vanishes in a burning wind.
< 700hp 215ma 242mv >
Winds of Flame pour from your hands, killing the ghost of the cook instantly.
The ghost of the cook is dead! R.I.P.
Total exp for kill is 960693.

You receive 522357 experience points as your share.
Prof receives 438335 experience points.
Your blood freezes as you hear the ghost of the cook's death cry.
< 700hp 190ma 242mv >
Nobody here by that name.

< ~murrr~ >

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