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*smile* - Mislik , 14.06.2001 10:04 MSK
< 329hp 88ma 151mv > The Temple of Nia
Exits: East
There is a small marble sacrificial tablet on the ground here
A loyal servant of Nia rushes about to keep up the temple.
A medium grey tiger kitten prepares to pounce on one of the other cats.
Ashley glows with a bright light!
A grey cat purrs contentedly on a chair barely noticing passers by.
Gremlin glows with a bright light!
A black cat skillfully pounces on her own tail before it can get away.
Belle glows with a bright light!
A beige cat lounges on a silk pillow waiting for someone to rub his belly.
Dusty glows with a bright light!
< 329hp 88ma 150mv > pray dagger
< 329hp 88ma 150mv > You kneel and pray to Nia.
the Holy Dagger of Nia appears in a blinding flash of light!
Nia says 'Use it wisely, Desman.'
< 329hp 88ma 180mv > drop corpse
You drop the corpse of Desman.
say It is all yours, Nia!
< 329hp 88ma 180mv > You say 'It is all yours, Nia!'
< 329hp 88ma 180mv > A quivering horde of maggots consumes the corpse of Desman.
< 329hp 88ma 180mv > smile
You smile happily.

это я сразу после quest'a решил захорониь свои многочисленные останки у церкви богини :)

сколько обычно стоит restring token?
(хехе..я типа за самое большое количество смертей в группе [ну, НЕ ЛЮБЛЮ я когда мобы firestormom мелешат.. - мал я еще :] получил возможность одним из первых выбрать награду %). И вот теперь я счастливый обладатель ентого токена..)

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