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А что магам досталось ? - Mirror , 12.11.2001 13:41 MSK
: господа коллеги, спешу поздравить вас с приятной мелочью, которой удостоили нас имморталы.
: а именно - с умением apply poison
: Level: Thief 31
: Usage: apply < poison item > < weapon >
: Thieves may apply poisons to their weapons, making a deadly combination.
: The poison only takes affect when the user backstabs the target, as
: only backstabs can deliver the poison deep enough into the target's
: system. When applying the poison, you must have both the poison vial
: and your weapon in your inventory. There may be many different types of
: poisons added at later dates.
: There are several different types of poisons. All come in a jar of some
: sort that must be brewed like a potion.
: IOCAINE: This is a damage-causing poison. It is odorless and colorless.
: PERCODAN: This poison momentarily numbs the target.
: "The art of brewing poisons is a newly rediscovered art. The odorless and colorless iocaine poison is brewed by grinding a few clippings from a hedge and a sprig of nightshade in a vial of alcohol then strained through a mesh of intertwined threads to remove the sediment."
: второй рецепт пока неизвестен широкому кругу - так что имзо есть пища для размышлений :)

Я тут услышал что войнам новый скил дали, а что магам дали ? Или их обделили ?


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