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Re: ботва эта ваша отрава :) - Helxen, poisoned , 13.11.2001 16:47 MSK
The wound turns black from the poison on your blade.
The Store Keeper tells you 'That will be 10 coins, my lady.'

You now have iron rations.
< 702hp 108ma 236mv >
You are carrying:
iron rations [2]
a sacrificial dagger
a large honeycomb
a vial of mercury [2]
a clear vial of an odorless liquid
a silver boat ticket
a runed battle axe..It glows blue!
a backpack
a red and white staff
< 702hp 108ma 236mv > apply poison iron-ration
You apply the poison to your weapon.
< 702hp 108ma 236mv >
You are hungry.
< 724hp 113ma 242mv > #2 eat food
You eat the iron.
You are full.
< 724hp 113ma 242mv >
You are too full to eat more!
< 724hp 113ma 242mv >

< ~murrr~ >

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