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Uje Noviy God ??? - Pojelal ostatsya , 02.12.2002 20:40 MSK
The Inn
This inn is quite lavishly furnished. The walls are made of a rich
walnut wood and the floor is covered with a fine, hand made red carpet.
Comfortable chairs rest behind a large table in one corner while the
reception desk rests in another. A large chandelier made of elegant
crystals hangs overhead providing the room with light. Several pictures
hang on the wall above the desk. Sounds of laughter and music can be
heard from the north.
Exits: North South
A brightly lit Christmas Tree stands here in the corner...It has a soft glowing aura!
The Innkeeper is here, waiting to rent you a room for the night.

< 181hp 109ma 80mv >
This pine tree has a huge angel sitting on the top, grinning
down upon you in an evil way! (aka Jake).
..It has a soft glowing aura!

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