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Re: Argument for weaks. Logs for real men! - Yasik , 22.04.2003 19:38 MSK
: You tell Blaster 'hey'

: You tell Blaster 'i wanted to ask you something, there's a debate on the russian crier about whether you are allowed to do a cr for your other char'

: Blaster tells you 'hey'

: Blaster tells you 'you can do a full cr just can't have both on at the same time'

: You tell Blaster 'hence say if corum dies and _corpses_ and then does a cr for him with Pal - that is legal? That was my impression'

: You tell Blaster 'because Alana was gossiping last night that you can't'

: You tell Blaster 'or the night before'

: You tell Blaster 'i'll give you the link, to the logs posted'

: Blaster tells you 'nods you can, but what exactly happend? and maybe there is a reason for it'

: You tell Blaster ''

: Blaster tells you 'is it in english? heh '

: You tell Blaster 'the log was posted, obviously i wasn't there so i can't testify to it being correct'

: You tell Blaster 'its a mud log :0 it is in english :)'

: Blaster tells you 'nods looking now'

: Blaster tells you 'ok i will expalin it to here'

: You tell Blaster 'i was hoping you could see whats thats about and clarify it, also Uziel claims to have had levels wiped for doing that'

: Blaster tells you 'nods going to explain it to her, but what i said is correct'

: Blaster tells you 'on uziel or another character?'

: You tell Blaster 'k, do you mind if i post our conversation ?'

: You tell Blaster 'no idea, he said he's had levels wiped twice, he didn't say anything else'

: Blaster tells you 'nope go ahead, you just can't have both on at the same time though'

: You tell Blaster 'k'

Как я и говорил (см. пост выше). Теперь в этот чистенький отредактированный лог можно можно тыкать наглые рыжые морды беснующихся феминисток. :)

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