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new vault system - Uziel , 26.05.2003 06:51 MSK

dwelling 1 room and one vault, no room bonuses allowed.
10mil {any level character]

House 2 room with 1 vault, one board, no room bonuses allowed.
15mil {level prime 40 or higher}

Mansion 3 rooms, 2 vaults, one board, one fountian, one room bonus included.
45mil {levels double 40 or higher}

Castle 5 rooms 3 vaults, 1 board, 1 fountain, and two room bonuses included.
75mil {level triple 40 or higher}

*Palace 8 rooms, 5 vaults, 1 board, and three room bonuses included.
135mil {level 20 avatar or higher}

*Grand Palace 12 rooms, 10 vaults, 1 board, 1 fountian, and five room bonuses
included, and a rentable room.
200mil {level 40 avatar only}

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