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The end of game (Специально для Зама) - Drauk , 25.03.2004 10:29 MSK

Just to let you know, there are a couple of bugs that are being fixed soon.

1) The proc weapons in inventory deal. Until we get a fix, we ask that you do not abuse this bug. We are working on this one. We can find some creative and painful penalties if you're caught abusing it. :-)

2) There will be a slight random delay added to the end of hunt. It will be mostly un-noticeable. Only those abusing the timing to kill mobs without taking damage will be really affected by it. (It seems this only became a big issue when we moved to our new, high-quality network connection!)

We just wanted to inform you guys prior to the changes going in. Maybe it'll work out better for everyone this way.

Also note, we recently added double-attack to the thief class at level 10. Now any classo with bard, theif or warrior can get double attack.


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