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кстати - Soul Iris , 20.02.2005 13:17 MSK Helxen
кто еще не в курсе, я ушел; всем радоваться от получаса до суток! слоны уже розданы; кому не хватило - грустить от 2 секунд до 2 минут.

о причинах можно почитать на анг. криере. а поскольку мой пост там постоянно порываются потереть или подправить ссылку, то можно почитать и здесь

Let me attract your attention to the justice position of certain top administrative staff of slothmudIII.

I had been playing this mud for 6 years, and I had been an immortal for 2.5 years (got to lvl 44 - admin). During this time I haven't got a single warning for not following the rules, or just incorrect behavior.

One day my immortal character was just wiped. I was removed from all the immortal lists, including mail lists. When I asked "what happened", all immortals said, "there is a prohibition from Jake, we may not tell you". Jake himself said, "you know all what you need to know. we talked with you already.", and then he just ignored all my questions. Not a single hint was given. Just wiped. No explanations.

It took me more than a day to find out, that Splork and Jake suddenly decided I was Rita, a previously wiped immortal. Here's the story of why they thought that. It was known, that Rita was still accessing wizadmin emails. Thus, they sent a email, important for Rita, to 3 trusted admins and me. Rita responded to the email, and it was enough to accuse me of being him. Sherlock Holms said something like, "a theory must be based on facts, not facts adapted for a theory". Rita was using a webmail password of one of the trusted admins to gain access to the emails. You will laugh, but I still haven't got that email, as it probably didn't get past my ISP's spam filter. Rita's fault, as I see it, was his refusal to deny being Rei right away (he did not admit it either).

Why was I suspected, and not some other immortal, especially if, as Jake says, Splork was 100% sure it wasn't me? I don't know. My current guess is because I am Russian, and therefore I was associated with a known Russian cheater. But not every Russian is a cheater, not every cheater is Russian.

After Rita was so kind as to call Jake (from Russia to the USA) and tell him the truth, Jake asked for my excuse in ICQ. He promised to inform the other immortals and the crier about his fault. My character was restored............but I have not been given the password, and the other immortals still are bound by Jake's order of silence and still think I am Rita. No explanation of the situation on the MUD forum as well. Tonight I've learnt that Splork also stands against my returning despite any reasons.

To finish with, Jake does definitely know now I am not Rita - for example, he differs us in ICQ. Here's what he wrote to Rita:
Jake 10:08 AM: i hope you enjoy copying my conversation to him, btw

We've lost a number of admins due to unreasonable behavior of the top admin staff... Tower, Wasp, Alana, Ming, Toxis... (sorry if missed someone) these were lvl 44 and higher. Now add Rei to these.

Those who wish, can download slothIII source code (from Aug and Sep 2004) at
You can also download the list of IPs and characters they logged from these IPs on this site. And no, it's not me who took the pfiles (the loss of passwords was brought to Jake's attention like half a year ago, if not earlier).

Sorry, Jake. When you trusted me, I justified your trust. Now you've betrayed me, and I consider myself free of all the promises I gave you. Don't bother deleting this post, as I have enough proxies to restore it.

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