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{Greedy} Chop! - Еблун! , 01.08.2009 03:39 MSK
tiger claw restricts 5x40.

Destruction gossips-- 'the choop[ers'
Splork gossips-- 'restricts are dependant on how well the choppers work'
Splork gossips-- 'lower restricted choppers dont work as well as higher rated ones'
Destruction gossips-- 'some restricts are 5*40 tho'
Splork gossips-- 'nods, ive fixed regular spec'
Splork gossips-- 'and 2 others'
You gossip-- 'yeah, like tiger claw'
Destruction gossips-- 'others are S Mage'
You gossip-- 'regulars are specs and macu?'
Destruction gossips-- 'so we had to give up'
Splork gossips-- 'cause noone could wield em?'
Destruction gossips-- 'basically'
You gossip-- 'yup'
Splork gossips-- 'anyone could wield a macu though'
Sirrico gossips-- 'only 3x40s can wield choppers I thought'
Destruction gossips-- 'Macu's could be wielded'
Splork gossips-- 'then thats what u have to pop till u can wield others'
Splork gossips-- 'i see nothign wrong with thatr?'
Destruction gossips-- 'so you spend all night getting Macu's - we gave up'
Splork gossips-- 'sure, and then the next bunch of nights u can use them'
Splork gossips-- 'we dont crash very often anymore'
Splork gossips-- 'no different than it ever has been really?'
Splork gossips-- 'sacrificial knives'
Splork gossips-- 'are also low level, 20 and above any class'
Splork gossips-- 'but yes, the better the chopper'
Splork gossips-- 'the higher level char u have to be to wield it'
Splork gossips-- 'rigwarl will thus have more chops than a kitana for instance'
Splork gossips-- 'and also rigwarl will have a better chance to chop self than kitana would'
Splork gossips-- 'hopefully it will work out nicely, if not ill adjust em'

Короче чопа еще пару месяцев не будет. До тех пор, пока рестриктс не понизят. lol.

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