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yah ) - Zam , 03.02.2011 22:50 MSK
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Prisoner Cell
This cell is both dark and dirty with very rough walls and a crude
floor. A small bed lies against the east wall, filling the room with a
sweaty smell. A large metal ring is set in the southeast the corner of the
floor. There are no light sources, just a tiny vent running through the
ceiling which allows a dull echo of the wind to fill the cell. The cell
door is made of thick metal and stone block with a small rectangular slit
at the top.
Exits: North
*(Faint Red Aura) A fourteen foot tall prisoner with four arms and three heads is chained here.

< 821hp 423ma 292mv >
Katie -- '* ok, afk :)'

< 821hp 423ma 292mv >
forge ruyi
You give Li No-cha some money.
You give Li No-cha some items.
Li No-cha forges The Ruyi of Destruction.
Li No-cha gives you The Ruyi of Destruction.

ну да, опять :)

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