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BOOOORIIIING !!! *yawn* - Yasik , 14.08.2012 03:35 MSK
trade disk
You give a wandering kender some items.
A wandering kender rumages around and finds a jing-jit disk.
A wandering kender gives you a jing-jit disk.

< 499hp 235ma 187mv > [+10] AC: -6.8 EXP: 34,033,958 COINS: 3,052
Saving Ozzy.
Saving items.

< 499hp 236ma 186mv > [+10] AC: -6.8 EXP: 34,033,958 COINS: 3,052
You are carrying:
a jing-jit disk
water barrel
a minor scroll of recall [6]
a backpack
swirling black and red robes

No cheats, tricks, all solo, raw Strength, Determination and Iron Will.
Gief moar maimed-elfs ! :)

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