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Splork has transferred you! - Constin , 14.01.2013 19:50 MSK
Splork has transferred you!
Splork's Abode
This office belongs to Sadda, the newest Immortal. Boxes and various
piles of junk are strewn about here in a gruesome parody of Galadriel's
office one floor above. A large desk stands in the middle of the room,
covered with papers and some strange equipment. Obviously Sadda has not
yet completed moving in. Taking up the center of the room is a large metal
grate held by a hingepin. Perhaps Sadda hid a lever behind his desk to
drop unsuspecting victims to whatever is churning below. The north wall is
taken up by a large picture window looking over Bal Harbor from very high
up. The south by a large tapestry with Sadda's slogan useful in any
Splork is standing here.

< 435hp 118ma 268mv >
look splork

Splork is in excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You can't see anything.

< 435hp 118ma 268mv >

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