Tri40 Item changes - Krom , 04.02.2000 10:17 MSK
There have been some changes to the tri40 eq in an effort to
promote a wider selection of items:
Warrior Items: no change
Cleric Items: Shroud is now 16 mana instead of 5 hp/regen
Crown: 1.2 instead of 1.0 ac
Staff: replaced by Mithril Sleeves of the High Paladin, .8 ac 20 mana 3hp/reg
Thief: Ring goes to 15 mana from 12
Tome: goes from .4 ac to .5 ac
Mage: gauntlets +1 con instead of 1 wis
Three new items, class generic (anyone can pick):
Battle-Spiked Arm Bands of the Night Prince: .6 ac 1 dam 1 con
Runed Tooth of the Arch-Liches: 30 mana held low
Tower Shield of the Great Lords 1.1 ac 1 dex 1 int
If you wish to trade for a new or revised item, you will be able to do so up
until midnight of february 17th, for a special rate of 500k (one transfer
only at this rate). This trade does not allow for any trades to unmodified
items such as the cuirass, cincture, girdle, etc…

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