Newbie How-To: Grouping (copied from - Qa , 01.03.2000 12:33 MSK
OK, a few notes to help people group. These are just
suggestions, but they make the leader's life alot

What to carry:
At least one recall, food and water. The leader does
not want to hold up the whole group to wait for you
to create food, water or regen enough to cast recall
while the group is running. Be prepared.

When you want to join:
The leader is a busy guy/gal, ya know? He/she does not
have time to answer alot of questions from people
outside the group. His/her first concern is with the
group, their mana/hp status, and the mobs and area.
Just wait a bit, and when regen time comes, he/she
will get to you. If not, ask again. You can also
vis him. NEVER spam the leader, he may be in the
middle of a run or a CF.

When you go to join do this:
fol self ; gr self ; fol leader
This allows you to join without the leader having
to enlist you. I also recommend setting your gjob to
maxHP/maxMana. This helps the leader inderstand how
empty the group is. Very important when he/she is
thinking "Can we take the king?"

Setting protects:
The general rule is prot down. (i.e. Prot the person
below you in the group list.)
When you join, get the prots set as soon as feasible.
Type group a tick or two before every run to make
sure the leader did not switch you or someone else.
If someone recalls or flees (or gets slapped out
of the room) during fighting, try to prot over.
Just be sure to remember to fix them after the
group gets back together.

If the leader asks you to do something:
This is kinda touchy, but if the leader asks you
to sanc the tank (or whatever), just do it. If you
don't have sanc (or whatever spell), say right away.
The leader does not want to waste the group's time, and
the leader may have chosen you for a reason. (i.e. He
want's to save the healer's and/or the winder's mana.)
If it bother's you, then next regen, suggest that
someone else be dsancer (designated sanc person).
If you have a preferred duty, tell the leader, he/she
will generally try to let you do that. The leader
may need you to do other things, so don't get pissy.
If it really bothers you, leave the group. Upset
people in groups don't let everyone else have fun.

If you are not in the HEALO:
Blast, blast, blast. (cast offensive spells)
What the leader wants to do is configure a run that
is fairly fast, and at the end the group's mana is
all low. If you are holding back on mana, the
leader can never empty you of mana. Some people
(because of regen and max mana) are very hard
to empty. (e.g. Shyla) This means that you may be
empty for half the run because the leader has
set up a run to empty the group. Don't worry
about it. When the tick falls, blast what ya got.

If you are in the HEALO:
The current healer should assist, but spend most
of his time watching the tank's HP. If the tank goes
down, you should feel responsible. The tank put his life
in your hands, please do your best to keep him alive.
Otherwise, blast your mems, and watch the group's status.
If you see the tank (or anyone else) getting low,
toss them a heal.

Popping EQ:
It is the leader's decision who gets EQ. Leaders
are generally fair about it, so don't whine.
I have led gropups that have popped 4 flaming
bracers, and have never kept even one. Don't feel
sorry for me, just come join my tomb group tonight!

Group position:
If you feel you should be somewhere else in the
group, ask the leader to be moved up (or down).
The Leader may not have noticed/known your
class order, or had time to estimate your AC.
If you are getting smacked around alot, let
the leader know at regen time. It does not pay
to have the prot order break down in the middle
and the whole group go down because of a high
AC player near the top of the group.

In case of a CF (alot/most of the group dies):
The tank is generally the first to go down, so
switch your healing aliases to the second in
the group list. He/she will be taking the
hits now, and he/she may not be sanced.
Stick with the group, the mob may drop. If
the leader calls recall, do it. Next, we
have to get out the people that are dead
and raise them.
If you are a raiser, wait at the west gate (BH only),
push west and south, then raise.
If you are a tankey type, try to get in
there and recall the dead out.
If you are in between, try to end up in an
area that is close (and safe) to where the dead
are, then grouptell your position. This allows
the leader (or tankey type) to use you as a
gate target. If someone is about to run in there,
help them get full. Recently, I was leading a
group where I had to run back to the area.
I recalled 3 people, then myself. As soon
as I appeared at the west gate, I was greeted
by 3 death cries. Ouch. If I could have gated
in, there would have been enough time to get
them raised.

If you are in a big group:
Spam is your enemy. Don't have unnecessary
grouptell's. Don't roll dice or have useless
emotes. If you want to hit a specific mob, put it in
your gjob after your maxHP/maxMana.

Leading is quite a high when you have a good
group, but unhappy group members bring a leader down.
The leader is doing it for your sake as much as
his own, so be nice to him.
Large groups are also very difficult to lead, and as
the group gets larger, it takes more and more
concentration. Help your leader, and he/she will help
you to XP and EQ.