Re: Newbie How-To: Grouping (copied from - Jovis , 06.03.2000 21:32 MSK
great post :) gotta save it for quoting :)
this is the second post i admire hehe gonna post something more here cuz
ive done much leading recently
(in printable condition of course :)

So, do begin with, is about what leader says.
First thing to do, is to Notice what leader says.
Dont get me wrong, but some ppl just dont listen
to anyone in the group and then everyone (or the
leader if the group is small due to lack of
knowing ppl ;) have to say it again.
Of course, if you dont say anything like "Sorry,
I missed it in the spam, say that again"
"I was afk and got it scrolled..can u repeat it?"
and yeah..since I mentioned afk here..
If you need to go afk (which happens :),
just say that u are going afk and for how long
If you think you might not come back or leaving for a while
(going to refill a fridg and what not), say so or better
say prot over, refollow and stay at scribes or in
any other safe zone.

...Ok back to 'what leader says' point hehe
If leader says dont do anything, that
means 'Dont Do Anything Until Leader Says'
Well yeah, it means exactly what leader says, amazing, isnt it?
This also means: dont do anything you want.
**Even you think it can help.**
I had lots of examples for this..and yet,
they didnt do any better effect.
Like sancing after the last mob, running to the place leader
doesnt want you to and whatever, and again,
even if you are SURE you are right, you are wrong to the leader.

Of course there are exceptions
for example, the group accidentally moved close to a chasm
and need mass fly, which went down tick before and noone said
anything..of course you should mass fly or yell at 40caster to fly group,
which also means..say suggest any better solutions to a leader, via gt,
say or tell commands but this doesnt mean
'Hey! i need some eqz! wonna do MH?'
when the group is doing pure exp and something like that.

If u are lagging, dont pretype blind before the stab.
It did happen and yes, mob attacked.
this happens suddenly and very often group has not finally finished
preparing like fixing prots, changing modes etc

ah..just atop from my head.
IF there is a CF, best thing u can do is to recall dead
and push them away from looting mobs.
Thieves at 36+ are the best for this due to their shadowalk,
unless its noshadow zone.
IF you dont know the run to the area and dont have beacon
(which should be set at regen place if you are doing one area
and nothing else i.e. that means you dont need your own beacon)
and noone is alive or knows a run,
just ask someone higher who is not grouped for help,
usually they are able to help.
Dont raise leader first, because you can simply shock him
and you wont be able to see if someone else is dead and where.
Of coures if it comes to a final tick, raise anyone you can get.

well, Qa posted enough on this point, just adding something I think is needed.

and one thing more about being in the HEALO.
HEALO doesnt means the order of healers while
healing tank. Healing tank is a hard work,
but you have to learn to do it well or quit
being a cleric.
If you are in the healo and tanks get low,
toss him one or two restores no matter what
place you take in the HealO
Dont wait till previous healer says 'Out'
Heal if previous or any healer is lagged if
you got mana. If you dont, say that right
I always save a restore before it goes to the
group because some can be just slow.

And yes, if it happens that tank needs any
heals, toss him any heal/cure you can get,
NOTE: for NON-Healers.
If you see a 'heal tank' or 'toss him some' msg when hes
way low and all healer are out, toss him any cures you can get:
imagine, 5 toss a cure normal each..which makes it
a gheal or a heal, and tank lives.
IF you dont have mana, use skills you dont need mana for,
circle for thieves, kick for warriors, which is also used by
casters without mana.
Trust me, it helps a lot.

Ok..another thing.
If someone dies in the group in the middle of a fight,
prot over him of you have been
protecting him and yell that you need prot if you were protected by him.
If this isnt done in time, more people die and the run is
renamed in failure or CF if happens in nasty place. more thing.
If you link is crappy today but you feel you need exp badly,
think twice before joining a large group.
You can do nothing while grouped, lag a group
after 'all up' and whatever.
This always troubles the group, and the leader of course,
because he cant start the without having all members at keyboards.
of course, 'link deads' are recalled or left in the area
if theres no need to recall for repop.
Still, this lags a run and it wastes a few ticks due to sanc,
even if its aegis.
one more, if you set up an auto pilot to
work for you while runs, you are wrong.
a) Booting is Illegal, which means 5 primes or wipe if reported.
b) Group might need your help badly if something goes wrong.
Of course, you will die if this happens without you being at the keyboard.

and yeah, one more about EQ in groups.
of course, leader decides who gets it.
If you are in EQ group, set it in your gjob.
If there was someone first to set it, set it
as 2.pebble for example.
If its Exp group, you can also set it in your gjob,
but this doesnt mean you can always have it.
For example few members need it, so the leader
decides either to let you roll dices, or due
to importance priority.
Or to the one who can use it best or is able
to forge if its the last cp he needs.
We gave 2 ether cps to a guy who could forge it right away, so he did.
(Yes, I was there for these cps, but so what if
someone else can use it now?)
Tank gets first, then leader if he needs it,
then mvp if there is one and etc.
Of course, there are exceptions.
For example, an awesome tank just left and he has been
tanking for 5 hours and didnt whine when corpsed , and new came.
But the thing tank wanted has just poped.
So I guess it will be fair enough to keep the item for the
first tank, even if someone else wants it bad.
Of course, you can tell and flame the leader for being a bastard
for not giving eq to the members, acting like eq hog,
keeping pieces of eq for his friends, but still.
You can always look into the dictionary and check the words
"Respect", "Politness" for the meanings,
because we should respect others and think of them as if we were them.
BTW, This also touches the problem of sharing areas with others,
you've met it I bet.

Ok..lemme think of one more thing...
heh its quite obvious thing, but still..
people seem to forget or dont know what the
mean or even dont read hehe.
If it says Open to everyone and is a huge volcano or dmount group,
it means its actually OPEN! So dont ask questions
like 'May i join?' just do it.
If it has level limitations, or class limits,
check if you have them and ask if leader
wants you there. It might happen group is good enough for
the area and leader doesnt want you.
If it says 'open',
and names the continent group is on, that means if you want to get there,
do it and do vises until they regen and gate in if gatable.
If not, ask someone in the group to get gatable.
If it says 'closed',
dont even think to ask unless you know the leader or your are not a
sponge they dont need (i.e. high caster)

Ok, just some stuff now.

Dont do silly triggers..dont set trigger on
word regen even if leader says it
like leader says 'dont regen here'
bum! one falls asleep at solar or in the middle of a run
FYI: hes wimpy aggro means (attacks sleepers)
but this ppl find out after sleeping..yes, that happens and a lot :)

and yes, make Correct triggers.
or improved turning autoblast/web/blind/curse
on death and what not
Ive seen several times when leader targets a bigger mob
and someone stabs a smaller nearby and all begin blinding,
blasting etc the bigger mob..yes, that happened
Id just dont rely on triggers that much what ppl do.
Yes, i can set autospell to blast firewind on
'vanishes in a burning wind'
or Ok. on attempt to blind

Ok enough for now, guess Ive talked enough for this time hehe.
Now I want to see if someone actually read thiese posts and
willing to set it to practice.

laters :), see you in my group :)

Jovis, the one of the Leaders' clan.