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Posted by Alhanna's Sturm on Monday, April 10, 2000 at 11:28:04:

I would guess it so it's time for me to post again. I love being Sturm. Especially Starbreeze's one.

Potion of Youth.

Consists of:

the scalp of a dwarven sentry

This loads on the 3.derro-lieutenant, SS, Derros.
.8wuw2swsws2w; en gate; .4d3e2sdsene2sw2s2e, have Fly and Invis on. Splork mob for high level thief, stab stab wind. Or just 4-5 winds. Be sure to surround the lieut with force fields or push him all west and north thus out of sight. Sanc self and go.

a sphinx talisman
Loads on androsphinx, Desert, SS. open bottle; .8n3u2eu, ornate bottle pops on Zealot in Ming's temple quite often. It has very high pop rate, both bottle and talisman. Sphinx is quite thick wussy mob, 3x massacres -30 hp each thru sanc. Even Alhanna can do him, and she has no AC.

a dripping icicle
Two points of loading.
Ice Ghost, Matterhorn. This is very crunchy 200-300k mob with 2112 hp that hits 2x extremely hard each thru sanc. He drains away your strength and has fleeing proc. Ice resist. .12wn4d9ne from WG.

Stream of water. Thanks to Judge, this mob has been changed to be more easy. The number of his attacks is lowered and it has less +hit now. This is perma-sanced mob, ethereal and pain to kill. Note: other mobs assist him once they see stream fighting you.
To get to him run (AH):
.2w; open lens; .n3dn3e; od; n; .2nu3w4s4e4nu4w4s3e; od s; .2s; #3 {pick field d}; of d; d; od; .n2dw; climb staircase; .3wu; open conduit e; e
Have WB up.

an elegantly decorated brooch
Nanook (AH). This Eskimo has blind proc, right as it is mentioned in an ancient eskimo legend (remember? 'and that was at that precise moment when he remembered an ancient eskimo legend... that if anything bad ever happens to your eyes as result of some sort of conflict with someone named... NANOOK!') - he throws 'that deadly yellow snow from right there where the huskies go' into your eyes. Luckily, mindbar still helps against him.
800k easy mob, no AC needed if you got winds. I saw Shidoshi soloing him at 40 wa 25 ma.
Room to 1e of him is a good regen point. I'd suggest you leaving a fam 1n of him to track movements of gargoyles and berserkers.
.6nwn2wnd; taste chalice; .2wd5ws

embers of the inferno

This item loads on fire spout pillar in BH, Hades. To get to it run:
.13e3s2en; push tombstone; .8nenen
Splork snow white virgin, she got 10k gold and sometimes a hex, open altar down, go all down and all north. Beware of the gatekeeper. 1s of spout is a good regen point. At the end of regening cast two spellshields, regen 104 mana, sanc self, and you are ready to go. I'd also suggest memming 3x disints 3x acids as it is a no-fire 500k mob. Lead with stab (if you have a decent one) or curse, then acids. If it gets blinded - then eazy peazy cake, if not... well still doable. Note: you'll have to do him in one run, because most likely you will be webbed and binded at once. Spellshield helps against his offensive spells.

The fire salamanders are also the popers. But! They are NO longer stab disint disint mobs! Noooo, they changed it. Now fire salas are 500k nasty strong mobs. Usually there are up to 8 lizards and they all pop hexes, resist fire ring cp and embers. And also 32k coins. And molten golems... 700k stab stab 7 disint aggro roaming mobs! Hmm hear me what, I suggest you a trick: allure a golem to the area exit (conduit down) and push him down! Repeat this three times (takes 30 minutes for me) and voila - you got area free of nasty aggros and they won't repop. After that cycle cycle and cycle. I prefer spout to lizards however, the pop rate is higher on it.
To get to fire plane, follow my instructions given to streams of water but when you climbed staircase, move 2wsw, open conduit down.

a cracked shark's tooth
Massive wereshark leader is splork 170k mob. Has -30 hp massacres and also three-four sharks are always ready to assist him. Wind them down after you finish the leader. Pop rate is yucky.
WB self and run .13e2s3es2e9swd2s2e, sanc self and go immediately.

a wooden bartap
...is poped by a giant barman in Thalassas, 1e of Urdas the Always-Drunk-Scribe.
.3esesesees2uede3sw7s2w; od; .3ne
This 500k mob is often added to the island gold run because it pops bartap and 24k coins. Beware: it bashes. After that you have to stand on your feet first.

And finally: a few flecks of dried blood

Vampire maiden in the Ravenloft, the youngest daughter of Zelkham's family, close Astane's friend.
I usually use familiar to get to her, as the way to her is full of nasty super quick aggros.
Here's the run:
.9en4e4s; od; .4s
after that, have familiar entered the mist and hunted the 2.vampire-maiden. Important note: ONLY one maiden pops flecks and it's the one near Natasha the Angel.

Xo's on the island is the second poper of the flecks. They have slightly higher pop rate and also pop hexes but are NASTY to kill and Spectral Hunters... suck... Good thing they don't see invis (yet).
No run there, I don't want to get you killed.

Finally you are done and got all the cps! Now comes the funniest part.
Fly Invis self and run:
.15e3s2u2n2eu3e2s2e3u; open gates; .4n; op gate; .2n; op grate; d, kill asp. Splork 200k hard hitting mob. After that kill man (adam) and woman (eve), cause she loots coins pretty quick. All mobs are comparabe to asp. Get glowing white key from man's corpse. Go up, .2n; op gate; .2nu4s; unlock, open door; s; pray gabriel and... BREW YOUTH
Have to have 700 or 800k coins with yourself too though.

Alhanna's Sturm Brightblade.

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