Ах, какая была девушка... - Медведь , 25.07.2000 03:24 MSK
Above the Jungle
Wow! You have reached the very top of the tallest tree in the jungle,
and it was worth the climb! You can see the tops of other trees far below,
and a waterfall far to the west. A river runs past to the south of this
tree, and several other trees stand nearby. Across the river is one with
some activity in it.
Hordes of red and yellow butterflies rise up around you, and the colorful
birds native to this part of the world are present in numbers.
Exits: Down
Sidney HaPpY BiRtHDaY :) is standing here.
A red and blue butterfly, as big as your hand, flutters lazily past.

< 162hp 41ma 87mv > You grouptell: ' ladno, poshli dal'she?'

< 162hp 41ma 87mv > con butterfly
Now where did that chicken go?

< 162hp 41ma 87mv > Sidney -- ' vot..lubuisia :)'

< 162hp 41ma 87mv > l butterfly
This beautiful butterfly flutters it's delicate wings as you near it.
The wings on this butterfly are colored with red, blue, and black,
red circles surrounded by black, with blue tips on the wings.
the butterfly is in an excellent condition.

< 162hp 44ma 88mv > Sidney -- ' samii krasivii vidennie mnoi mesta v Sloth eto zdes
i i eshe na poliane among the flowers'

< 162hp 44ma 88mv > gt nastoyashii voin lubuetsya ne look, a con! :-)
You grouptell: ' nastoyashii voin lubuetsya ne look, a con! :-)'

< 162hp 44ma 88mv > Sidney -- ' i ne smeshno vovse :('

< 162hp 47ma 88mv > gt da ladno!
You grouptell: ' da ladno!'

< 162hp 47ma 88mv > Sidney zadumchivo ustavilasi v bezbregnie jungle daleko vnisu..

< 162hp 47ma 88mv > Sidney -- ' i ne smei trogati babochek!'