Вы мудер если - Dot , 07.12.2000 22:02 MSK
1) You dream in telnet format!
2) Your first reaction is to cast heal instead of getting a bandaid
3) If you call your friend by their char's name
4) You downloaded ICQ so you could talk to your mudmates when the mud crashes.
5) You are playing Sloth online on a friday night!
6) You talk to the computer screen
7) Your license plate says "notell"
8) You check under the bed at night for pthieves
9) You have a complaint about the restaurant service and ask to talk to the Immortal
10) Your last excuse for cutting work was "There's a Quest going on"
11) Your boss walks by and you try to backstab him with a stapler
12) You get shot and try to cast "cure bullet wounds"
13) You're moving furniture and cast strength on yourself
14) You try to silence someone who bumps you in the grocery store
15) Your parents call and you accidentally refer to them as "RL distractions"
When you get pissed at your dad for yellin g at you, you threaten dispel/blind/silence/sleep/web him
16) You might be a Sloth'er if you've been on the computer 24 hours straight and think "I need a restore"
17) You're about to commit suicide and leave a "I'm quiting" note
18) You take a break from Sloth to go to your wedding
19) You're lost and you start spamming recall.
20) You break your leg and log on to ask advice about what to do
21) You suddenly realized you were sleepmudding again when you walk in and the computer is already on.
22) You try to go get food, but the time between runs isn't long enough
23) You cast 'protection from evil' before going to work
24) Natural light is painful to you
25) Your car breaks down and you try to gate to work
26) You complain about neon lighting having the wrong color code.
27) You die, go to heaven, run past God and straight to the T1 line you KNOW they have
28) You're caught in traffic and you mutter "fuckin lag"
29) 911 responds to a call at your house that you swallowed the mouse--AGAIN!
30) You tried to go to the kitchen for a snack, but the keyboard cable wasn't long enough
31) You have to take a construction detour, and you bitch about "unfinished areas"
32) You hit a deer with your car and tried to sac its corpse
33) You believe when you die you will come back on a west gate
34) You refer to losing your job as rerolling