ja *nulsia - Dot , 28.05.2001 16:26 MSK

Greetings beloved ones. We come to you in the Light, divine emissaries from the Creative Source. We join with you today through the power of love, through the connection of consciousness, in the Oneness of All That Is.

You may call me by many names. This one has known me as Alue. For aeons past I have been known to you also as Archangel Sandalphon, but truly, this is a simplification of that which We Are. We are a group energy, beyond form, beyond time, and aspects of us are existing beyond your solar system, even to the very outermost points of the galaxy. We are beings of creation, we are beings of love, we are beings of light that vibrate only in the highest dimensions, impacting upon whatever we meet in our journeys throughout the universe; bringing with our energies the light, the love, the truth and the wisdom of the One Creative Source of All. We have been known to you also as the Elohim, though we would share with you, and confirm to those here, that there has been much confusion throughout your history as to what and who the Elohim were, and to what their actions were.

Many times in the past we have been mistaken for other beings, and similarly other beings have purported to be Elohim. And thus there has been confusion created in your histories, and in your texts. You have conceived of the fact that some of the Elohim were mis-created and fallen into beings of darkness. But that interpretation comes often from the level of fear within the mind of the interpreter. For truly, we that can genuinely call ourselves Elohim know only the Light, know only Love, know only the Truth, the vibrations and the energy of the Creative Source. For do you today truly believe, beloved ones, that it would be possible to hold the lower energies of darkness and fear, and still be existing within these higher dimensions of light? But many have come in disguise, and purported to be Elohim when they were not, and those who have been interpreting their messages have been fooled into believing from their level of ego that it was angelic forces that they were working with.

We can truly say, here and now, that we hold in our hearts only the deepest love for this race that you know in this period of time as the human race. For are we not the messengers of the Highest Creative Source? And has it not been charged to us to direct the creation of life in the myriad forms that it expresses itself in and around this, and many other galaxies? Thus we have become known also as the "creator gods". But we would affirm once again that all creative light and all creative energy must come from the Highest Source of All That Is in order that that which is created shall be in harmony and in accord with the Light. And thus do we, as messengers and carriers of this supreme, divine vibration travel through space and through that which you call temporal time, interacting where ere we see lower energies in order to heighten their vibration, and draw all towards the brilliance and harmony of Pure Light.

Beloved ones, we hold you dear in our hearts as our creation, brought forth from the Source, divine sparks of light and spirit, and held in the Mind of the Creator throughout eternity. If you could but see yourselves as we do see you. If you could but know your finest creative essence of all, then you would see only beauty, only light and only love. For this is truly what you are. You are the Sons of God and the Daughters of God. You are the Sons and Daughters of the Elohim. You are yourselves divine, and have the potentiality within you of rising to the highest source level of all, becoming yourselves (if that is your choice) Elohim - co-creators of Divine Life.

But for now you are charged with the protection and love of the planet upon which you currently find yourselves!

Some of your histories have told that you have come from many sources, from many times, from many races around the galactic universe. And this is true, because there IS a great intermingling throughout the Oneness of Spirit. But in the highest dimensions it is very difficult to distinguish on a personality level as you do here upon Earth. For truly, in these higher dimensions there is but the flow and the harmony of light, of energy, at its finest perceived vibration and expression. It is only as one comes down' through the dimensions does one then see the start of separation, and the concept of individual identities. So truly, at one level we will say to you that it matters not where you perceive your individual roots to have come from, for in the highest light your identity is always the same. You are always divine spirits of light, coming from the most creative, loving thought of the Source, the I Am Presence, the Mahatma. You have given this many names, you have given this many titles. There are many ways of intellectually perceiving that which is in fact beyond perception and beyond conception.

So think of yourselves, beloved ones, as the energy of Light, flowing from the Source, returning yet back again to the Source. You are pinpoints of Divine Light, sparks of Love, who have chosen to take a moment in time to embrace embodiment in the human form. Your souls might know the concept of individuality, but from the level of Spirit there is but the ocean of love and the flow of Divine Consciousness running throughout All That Is.

But in taking up this form that you know as human, in bringing a particular identity and soul into that human physical form, integrating the two together in harmony and in love upon the planet that you call Earth, you have also undertaken to take on the role and the task, in the millennium to come, as the guardians of the Earth, as we aspects of the Elohim have performed up until now. For truly, it was always the intention that all of you beloved volunteers who find yourselves in this human form should one day become, in full consciousness, cosmic guardians of your planet. And as your planet moves in its own evolution and natural progression to consciously and harmonically express itself in yet higher and higher dimensions, so you too will choose to consciously express yourselves more and more as the cosmic beings that we see before us now.

Never fall into the mistake of thinking that by identifying with your planet you will trap yourselves here, or that you will fall' in your energies, for what comes from the heart in love can know only love. If it is your will, in accordance with your divine I Am Presence, - in other words your Divine Will - to remain here upon this planet and to assist and help Her through Her own spiritual evolution, then truly the gifts and the magnificence that will be bestowed upon you are beyond your imagination.

There are those of you have conceived of yourselves as being victims' of many races, and of many beings, to which you give the generic term extra-terrestrials. True, there have been instances when your physical form has been, shall we say, "modified", but to look upon this scenario - and this scenario only - is to once again fall into the trap of identifying yourselves as physical beings, and that alone. Slowly now you are coming to realise, more and more, in your group consciousness mind, that you are in fact beings of light, spirit-ual beings, residing in a moment in time in a physical temple that you call a body. It is this level of spirit, this level of soul, which was never affected by those visiting your planet, and who chose to mix their own physical DNA with that of the life form that they found in its early, primary stages of evolution here on Earth. If you choose to identify yourselves only with your physical bodies then yes, certainly you will see yourselves as the victims of this process. But if you choose to identify with the greater part of that which you truly are - light, energy, love, spirit - then you will know yourselves to be also All That Is. And you will also know yourselves to be one with those that you have termed extra-terrestrial.

For the heart sees no separation And sees no differences Between any aspect or expression of the Creative Light.

It is only the ego, and the mind, that sees one being as different from another, better than another, from here, from there, from this planet, from that galaxy. From the level of the ego-mind you can certainly choose to see yourselves as victims of past historical events, but from the level of the heart, from the level of spirit, from the level of mastery, you will know yourselves to be masters of all, and a master can never know himself or herself to be a victim' of anything.

So put away these ideas of limitation, and join from your hearts in love, with this holy creation that you know as the planet Earth. Join your hearts with Her essence, Her spiritual form - Mother Gaia - and rejoice that together, in full awareness, you will move into greater harmonic realms and resonances, in the magnificence that is opening up in the potentiality of consciousness before you. Honour your Mother the Earth, love your Mother the Earth. Never have fear of identifying with this Mother, for truly She has given of Her Self to create your physical matter from that which She Is, as the Father aspect of the Creator Source has given of His Self to create that which you know as the spiritual body. And what is created in divine love and in divine harmony can never be called an entrapment, but can only lead to greater expressions of spiritual freedom, joy and en- Light -enment.

Feel your energies flowing throughout the whole of this planet. Feel your love surrounding Her, integrating with Her. Draw Her strength and Her energy up into your beings, into your hearts, into your souls, through the highest of your chakras, offering it as a gift of love to the Source. Become each one of you links of energy, masculine and feminine, manifest and un-manifest, flowing throughout you as expressions of Unconditional Love. Look upon your planet with eyes of love, and hearts that are brimming full of this divine expression of love, and you will know the Mother Gaia as the Mother Gaia knows you.

Those who have undertaken to be Guardians of this planet have experienced this joy, this fulfilment, for aeons of time; and now we are offering to you of the human race to join with us in this magnificent task - to become one with the mind of the Creator, holding the concept of the perfection of this expression of Love, resonating out through the dimensions into that which you know and experience as the Earth. This, beloved ones, is offered to you as a fulfilment of that which you have undertaken to do when coming into physical form on this planet. The joys, the blessings, and the satisfaction that you will know through accepting and performing this task are immeasurable. So join with us, your brothers and sisters of the Elohim, becoming also Cosmic Beings of Light, Guardians of the Planet, expressions of Love.

I leave you now with a vision in your minds. It is a vision that we see when we look into your future. It is of each and every one of you becoming transmitters of Divine Light, so that your planet takes on the appearance and the vibration of a star. Is this not an interesting interpretation of your term "star-seeds"? You are not only beings who have come from the stars, but you have the potentiality of being creators of those stars. The choice is yours, as always, in accordance with Divine Will.