dyk :) - Falca , 03.12.2001 21:54 MSK
Usage: cast 'demon touch' < target >
Accumulative: -
Duration: Instantaneous
Level: Mage 34
Save: save vs spell for half damage.
Spellbook: ???
Min mana: 35
This spell summons an ethereal hand that touches the target, draining
the target's life. If the target fails its save, it may be siezed by the
demon for a short time, as per the spell 'demon bind'. The damage caused
by the spell is similar to the 'disintegrate' spell.

See Also: Demon Bind

Spellbook: codex of demonic destruction
Forged in M.A.G.I.C. (Hanald):
quintessence of the dead - longest dead
lucky rabbit's foot charm - lecturer, drunken gnome
velvety slippers - felin, lupin and vulpin
juju zombie charm - eccentric
invisible misericord - larra
scroll of homing x 3 - bought at Urdas
no coins required

crumbles randomly, v samom nachale prochteniya.

< 766hp 275ma 225mv >
You take a chestful of breath and prepare to carefully read the codex.
You begin reading a codex of demonic destruction.
demon touch - Lvl: 34, Mana: 35, Learned 95%

thanx Ploo very much :)

i esche:

Amanuensis Jeraim tells you 'Ah yes, I think it's around here somewhere'
You give amanuensis Jeraim some money.
Amanuensis Jeraim gives you the cinquedeas.

pospeshila, konechno, ne hotela, no lyubopytstvo i kucha lishnih items vzyali verh.
teper' budu rastit' warriora chtob ego nadet' : > > >
poka begayu s krisom durotha, a on - s moim cinqom :)