Re: safe zone... - Rumata , 21.02.2002 15:37 MSK
: (log)**************
: < 151hp 205ma 158mv > A student of magic utters the words, 'uizuguburuhl'
: A student of magic slowly fades out of existence.
: < 151hp 205ma 158mv > lo
: Beyond the Curtain
: This is the eastern end of a long room. There are two pairs of bunks
: here, four more to the west, and a closet on each end of the room. A
: curtain can be used to close this section off from the rest, but it is
: dusty enough to write on it. A wooden ladder in the southern side leads
: to a loft that surrounds the whole room, extending west over the curtain.
: There is a window in the northern wall.
: Exits: West
: *The student of magic giggles as she bounces along her way.
: Goodwife Moran is in charge of the living quarters for the soldiers.
: < 151hp 205ma 158mv > sneak
: Nah... You feel too relaxed to do that..
: < 151hp 205ma 158mv > st
: cast 'stone skin' Orion
: You stop resting, and stand up.
: < 151hp 205ma 158mv > Sorry, but this is a safe zone.
: (log)**************
: a mobam-to pofigu na safe room...

Oni prosto ne znajut o safe rooms. :)

Kstati, ja probezhalsja po izbrannomu i pomestil rasskazi,
otnosjaschiesja k slothu v "stories".