Re: Знакомство :) - Dan , 09.07.2002 19:55 MSK
: На английском это звучит следующим образом:
: You tell Agular 'sorry, i don't speak english'

I don't speak english - это все же то, что можно было б услышать. А вот к примеру...

You tell Agular 'I am terribly sorry, young fellow, but I don't speak English at all - and this poor so-called English writing is something less of a worthy thing that I would dare show, really. My imperfect, ugly English is barely enough to properly express my somewhat confused thoughts, not to mention being able to define them clearly and flexibly. Even though I can manage some considerable gibberish, that's sure not even close to being English-like. Yes, my fellow... I fear I don't speak English at all.'