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Ария довольно интересная, мобы прикольные. Как сказал Рита в арии ровно 100 комнат и 3 форджа. Что пока удалось найти

The fisherman must be meditating, for there is no other reason his eyes should be shut, his legs crossed in the lotus position and his lips moving as if whispering mantras. He is a short, skinny man with a brown skin and
a wrinkled though ageless face. He might be fifty years old or a hundred. His fishing pole, held in one hand, is glowing eerily. A wicker basket by the fisherman's lap is full of fish, though the hook of his fishing rod is
positively devoid of any bait. Possibly he uses magic to lure fish. A meditating fisherman is in excellent condition.

a meditating fisherman is using:
< held > an enchanted fishing pole..It has a soft glowing aura!

Object 'pole enchanted fishing rod', Item type: FISHING POLE
Weight: 1, Value: 15000
Can affect you as :
Affects : REGEN_MANA By 1
Affects : REGEN_HP By 1

Diamond drolem
Object 'claw diamond dragon', Item type: TREASURE
Weight: 2, Value: 50000
Only those who are at least adept magic users, clerics, druids, necromancers, or bards may use this item.

Это ключ к draconic door

Flashy enough to catch a blind man's eye, Silance is definitely worth a second look. And a third and a fourth. There isn't a lot of her, though nothing is missing, and what is there has been put together quite nicely.
A medallion hung over her heart gleams so brightly as to be a miniature star. A phantom smile crosses her lips, and for a moment music breaks through the gravity of her voice. But only for a moment. She is tougher
than sword steel, just a shade more friendly than death, and her hazel eyes are colder than any lizard's. Besides, she is a Sorceress-Majestic and the current Head of Conclave, which means she is wicked, skilful,
hard, and merciless enough to outfight all of her many rivals in the Art.
Silance, the mistress of magic is in excellent condition.

Silance, the mistress of magic is using:
< worn around neck > a flaming ankh..It has a soft glowing aura!

Weight: 1, Value: 300000
Can affect you as :
Affects : MANA By 16
Affects : REGEN_MANA By 1
Only those who are at least supreme magic users, and have attained supremacy in at least two classes may use this item.

Wurragurr Desacratrix, as always, seems capable of fantastic feats of endurance and virtuosity, and his magic is a thing out of legend. He is as complicated as his name is, and the devil himself dances behind his eyes, azure like the sky in the midday of summer. A coiling blue
cobra is stitched on Wurragurr's red robe, with its tail somewhere at the robe's hem and the head being the robe's hood. Thus, Wurragurr's face appears within the cobra's mouth. The magician clutches a thin, elongated staff in his hands, crafted as a cobra ready for an attack.
Wurragurr Desacratrix is in excellent condition.

Wurragurr Desacratrix is using:
< held > a cobra staff

Сей предмет можно отдать Silance за 20 (!) драхм

Bazilus looks at a spectral ball.
< 670hp 512ma 208mv >

The ball sports colors of the entire spectrum, constantly shifting between the gentlest of reds and the darkest of violets. Lights flare and pulsate within the ball like the sparks of a fiery explosion; the whole swirling entity looks rather unstable as the colors clash angrily with each other, though no individual color prevails. The ball shimmers unsteadily, all ten feet of it shaking like so much jelly, and rotates slowly, its form
slightly skewed by the centrifugal force of its movement.
A spectral ball is in excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a speck of heavenly light..It has a soft glowing aura!

Object 'speck heavenly light cp', Item type: TREASURE