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Held High as Light
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Caduceus -0.0 +2CON +3MAREGEN temp 4x40 Falca
Holy Symbol -0.0 +2MAREGEN +15MANA holy eq Falca
Peridot -0.0 ApC ApM ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
Philosopher's stone -0.0 +10MANA +2MAREGEN NM NC (AND) Mind
Ruyi of Destruction -0.0 +1DAM -1WIS 40M 40C 40T 40W (AND) Falsra
Sparkling-green emerald -0.0 +2MANA cps for emerald gauntlets ApC Mind
Staff of Ra -0.0 +4MAREGEN +25MANA Triple 40 Ma Mind
Thief's Lantern -0.0 +1DEX AdT Mind
amaranthine sphere of light -0.0 +1CON +3MAREGEN AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Uziel
antique compass -0.0 +1CON +10MV NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
aquamarine stone -0.0 +3MANA +1HPREGEN NM NC (OR) Falca
aura of the moon -0.0 +6MANA +6HPS it has a soft glowing aura! ApD ApB (AND) Hocopor
beeswax candle -0.0 NC Ferrum
fairy lantern -0.0 +1INT +1WIS EC EM ET EW (OR) Ferrum
fairy stone -0.0 +5MANA +5HPS NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
fire jewel -0.0 +1HIT forge cp ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falca
glowing oyster's pearl -0.0 +1WIS +2MAREGEN fishing item Ad ANY Falca
glowing sun symbol -0.0 +1STR NM Falca
great black pearl -0.0 +1CON +1STR temp 3x40 Falca
hook-nailed avian claw -0.0 +1WIS +2MAREGEN HM HC (OR) Ferrum
jewel-encrusted scepter -0.0 +10MANA +10MV ApM NC NT ApW Ferrum
lamp of learning -0.0 +1WIS -2SAVES AdC Ferrum
large blue pearl -0.0 +1WIS +2MAREGEN temp AdA Falsra
lightning star -0.0 -2SAVES Falca
magical eyeglass -0.0 ApM ApC ApD ApN (OR) Ferrum
magician's wand -0.0 +1STR ApM AdT (AND) Ferrum
obsidian jewel of souls -0.0 +15MANA +15HPS AdM HC (AND) Falsra
pearl of the rising tide -0.0 +3MAREGEN +1CON AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Mind
sphere of prophets -0.0 +2WIS +10MANA TRIPLE 40 Falca
staff of the ram -0.0 +1INT +15MANA HM Soi
symbol of stealth -0.0 +10MV +1MVREGEN forge cp ET Falca
symbol of the dark lord -0.0 +1CON +3MAREGEN ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
symbol of zodiac magic -0.0 +15HPS +1CON AdM ApC NT AdW (AND) Mind
tiger eye stone -0.0 +3MAREGEN +15MANA temp 3x40 Falca
torch -0.0 Ferrum
wisp of magical light -0.0 +3MAREGEN +7MANA prime HM Uziel

Worn on Fingers
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
braided band of tiger fur -0.4 +15MANA temp 3x40 Falsra
old iron band -0.4 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN temp 3x40 Falsra
ring of ancient evil -0.4 +1HPREGEN AdM AdC ExpT HW (AND) Vrta
ring of blue ice -0.4 + resist cold HT HW (OR) (34W can use) Mind
ring of white fire -0.4 + resist fire HT HW (OR) (34W can use) Mind
woven band of thistles -0.4 +1MAREGEN HM EC AdW (AND) Falsra
blackened onyx ring -0.3 +5HPS ApW ApmO (AND) Ferrum
elven ring of agility -0.3 +5MV ApT NW (OR) Ferrum
eternal knot ring -0.3 +5MANA AdM AdW (OR) Rainlord
greenish ring -0.3 NT NW NmO (OR) Ferrum
red ring of scales -0.3 +5HPS -1HIT NT NW (AND) Mind
ring of leaves -0.3 +5MV ApT NW (OR) Ferrum
smoldering ring of volcanic ash -0.3 +5HPS AdM AdC (AND) Dezakin
glowing red ring -0.2 +1RESIST FIRE ApM ApC ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
iron ring -0.2 NW Ferrum
brass ring -0.1 +5MANA +3MVREGEN NM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
incandescent ring -0.1 +1WIS ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
marble ring -0.1 +1CON ApW Ferrum
ring with a malachite seal -0.1 +1WIS AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
rusty iron ring -0.1 Falsra
small turquoise ring -0.1 +4MANA +3HPS NM NC (AND) Falca
spiked, golden ring -0.1 +1STR AdT AdW (OR) Falca
Holy Ring -0.0 +1INT +20MANA holy eq Falca
basalt ring -0.0 +25MANA -1DAM EM EC (OR) Mind
blazing ring -0.0 +6MANA NM NC (OR) Ferrum
carved ivory ring -0.0 +6MANA -1SAVES ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
cracked ruby ring -0.0 +1MAREGEN -1SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC (OR) Falca
crescent ring -0.0 +1WIS moonstone forge cp EM AdC AdD (OR) Falca
crystal ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdM Mind
flaming serpent ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +13MANA AdAv Mind
flawless ruby ring -0.0 +2HPREGEN -1SAVES vs SPELL ApT Falca
obsidian fingersleeves -0.0 +2MAREGEN +1MVREGEN ApM AdC ApT (OR) Ferrum
polished ebony ring -0.0 +12MANA AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
ring of souls -0.0 +20MANA +1WIS temp 3x40 Ferrum
ring of the dead -0.0 +2MAREGEN magethree AdM ApC (AND) Falca
ruby ring -0.0 +2MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdC AdW (OR) Ferrum
sapphire ring -0.0 +1HIT NW Ferrum
silver band of ivy -0.0 +1MAREGEN ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
silver ring -0.0 +1INT NM Ferrum
silver serpentine ring -0.0 +1INT +5MA NM NC NT NW (OR) Falca
small earthen ring -0.0 +10MANA NM NC (AND) Ferrum
thick golden ring -0.0 +1STR NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
tiger's eye ring -0.0 +7MANA NM NC (AND) Ferrum
tiny jade ring -0.0 +30HPS -1INT ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum

Worn on Neck
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Holy Shroud -0.8 +20HPS holy eq Falca
blue steel shoulder guards -0.8 -1STR +1CON AdM AdC HT HW (AND) Falca
diamond shoulder guards -0.8 +1CON +20HPS temp HM HC HT HW (AND) Falca
frosty white shoulder guards -0.8 -5YEARS RESIST COLD 40M 40W (AND) Mind
volcanic shoulder guards -0.8 +20HPS HC HW Falca
cloak of mystical energy -0.7 +3HPREGEN +3MVREGEN EM EC ET EW xev
dark black cloak -0.7 MT MO (OR) Falca
molten mithril guards -0.7 +1STR 40T 40W (AND) Ferrum
Shattered Bone Shoulder Guards -0.6 +1DAM -1DEX prime ET Falca
hooded wool cape -0.6 +5MANA container EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
blue steel gorget -0.5 +1CON ApM ApC AdW (AND) Mind
purple collar -0.5 +1CON temp AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
silver symbol of elvenkind -0.5 -5YEARS -1SAVES AdM ApC ApT AdW (OR) Crush
silver torc -0.5 AdT ApW (OR) Ferrum
string of bear claws -0.5 +1STR +2HPREGEN NA Falca
temple livery -0.5 +6MANA 3x40 Ferrum
amethyst necklace -0.4 NT NW (AND) Ferrum
cotton scarf -0.4 +5MANA +5HPS ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
elven quiver -0.4 +1STR container EM AdC ET EW (AND) Ferrum
scarlet half-cloak -0.4 +5MANA ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
shimmering black cape -0.4 shoulder item NC Ferrum
six demon bag -0.4 +1SENSE LIFE +1WIS N in any class Mio Hikari
spiked leather collar -0.4 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
brown cloak -0.3 Ferrum
cotton bedsheet -0.3 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
gold chain -0.3 +1STR NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
cobalt fur cloak -0.2 +1DEX NT Kamazoh
golden choker -0.2 +2MAREGEN +5MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
jade demon necklace -0.2 +1DEX ApM ApT (OR) Ferrum
ornate quiver -0.2 +20MV container Ferrum
shoulder guards of a mystical yooper -0.2 +2MAREGEN +15MANA HM HC (AND) Mind
silver dog collar -0.2 Ferrum
twisted thorn necklace -0.2 +1MAREGEN +8MANA forge cp AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Ferrum
amethyst amulet -0.1 +1HPREGEN NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
amulet of the sanguineous magi -0.1 +1INT +2MAREGEN Ad Ma or Ad Cl Prog
bead necklace -0.1 +15MANA +1WIS EM EC (OR) Mind
diamond pendant -0.1 +1STR +1CON ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
enchanted shoulder guards -0.1 +6MANA NM NW (AND) Falca
leather harness -0.1 -10 CHAR_HEIGHT NM NC NW NT (OR) Falca
root amulet -0.1 +10MANA NM NC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
ruby choker -0.1 +1INT +2MAREGEN AdM AdC (OR) Falca
silken scarf -0.1 +1INT moonstone forge cp AdM AdC (OR) Falca
string of rosary beads -0.1 +1WIS AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
topaz charm -0.1 +8MANA -2SAVES (saves vs breath) NM ApC (AND) Ferrum
ebony ankh -0.0 +20MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
fairy cloak -0.0 +3MANA Ferrum
grey chert ankh -0.0 +13MANA +1MAREGEN EM EC (OR) Lilmik
ivory tusks -0.0 +2HITROLL +SHAPESHIFT Master Dr Ferrum
pectoral cross -0.0 +3MANA +1MAREGEN AdM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
purple dragon claw -0.0 +2MAREGEN +10MANA EM EC (AND) (31C) Mind
scribes satchel -0.0 container ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
silver dragon amulet -0.0 +1INT +5MANA ApM AdC (OR) Ferrum
silver-and-sapphire necklace -0.0 +1STR +1DEX AdT AdW AdB (OR) Ferrum
small gold bird pendant -0.0 +1STR +1INT Ferrum

Worn on Body
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Adamantine Cuirass of the Ancients -2.7 +30HPS 3x40 Falca
electrum cuirass -2.4 +2HPREGEN +1HIT HW Mikee
gigantic winged bee's shell -2.4 +15MV HT HW (OR) Falca
glowing diamond breast plate -2.4 +10HPS -8MANA HT HW (OR) Mind
midnight black field plate -2.3 +2MVREGEN EM EC ET AdW (OR) Falca
suit of mystic plate mail -2.3 ApM NT ApW (AND) Mind
suit of spectral plate armor -2.2 +1CON HM HW HT (OR) hima
red dragon scale shirt -2.1 +1CON +1RESIST FIRE dragon scale cp ApM ApC ApT EW (AND) Falca
suit of studded kather armor -2.1 +2MVREGEN +1HPREGEN NM NC AdT AdW (AND) Ferrum
set of finely tooled leather armor -2.0 +2HPREGEN ApT ApW ApB ApmO (OR) Ferrum
silversteel plate -2.0 +10MV ApT ApW (AND) Falca
black breast plate -1.8 NW Falsra
beetle's shell -1.7 -10MV NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
scaled plate mail -1.7 +3DEX EM EC AdT AdW (AND) Janux
Holy Wings -1.5 +1DAM +25MV holy eq Falca
Scorched Link Mail of the Sun -1.5 +2DEX RESIST COLD EM EC ET EW (OR) Falca
black chainmail shirt -1.5 +1STR +1CON ApW Ferrum
chain mail shirt -1.5 NW Ferrum
cobalt blue jacket -1.5 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
ruby platemail -1.5 +1CON +7MANA AdM AdN or Ferrum
scaly jacket -1.5 NW Ferrum
suit of rusty chainmail -1.5 +1STR ApM ApC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
white scaly jacket -1.5 NW Ferrum
demonic breast plate -1.4 +1DEX ApT Cry
ice behir scale shirt -1.2 +1CON +8MANA EM EC (AND) (30 C) Mind
voluminous gown -1.2 +5MANA AdM AdC NT ApW (AND) Ferrum
lightning vest -1.0 +1DAM +1SHOCK AdM HT (AND) Falca
hide armor -0.9 Ferrum
some heavily corroded green armor -0.9 +10YEARS +1DEX ApT AdW (AND) Ferrum
suit of skeletal armor -0.9 +1DAM +25MV HT HW (OR) Falca
woven hair shirt -0.9 +1DEX +15MV NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
light weight jacket -0.6 NM NC NT NW (OR) Falsra
woven cloth shirt -0.5 +1INT +3MANA AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Ferrum
magician's accoutrements -0.3 +4MANA +3HPS ApM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
pair of red butterfly wings -0.3 +1MVREGEN +2MV ApT Ferrum
hammered breastplate -0.2 +1HIT +1 hand damage NmO Ferrum
fairy wings -0.0 + 1DEX + 5MV Ferrum
jacket engraved with the king's symbol -0.0 +1WIS +1HPREGEN ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
shield badge -0.0 +9MV Ferrum

Worn on Head
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
obsidian great helm -1.4 +1STR temp 3x40 Falca
Helm of the Great Old One -1.3 AdM AdC AdT SW (AND) Falca
helm of the dwarves -1.3 +6MANA +1SHOCK 2x40 SW Falca
rhino horned helmet -1.3 +1CON temp 3x40 Falca
Holy Halo -1.2 +1CON +1STR holy eq Falca
Petasus -1.2 +1DEX +30HPS temp HM HC HT HW (AND) Falca
crown of serpents -1.2 +1STR +10HPS HM HC HT HW (AND) Ferrum
helm of earth power -1.2 +1HIT perm wb E any Falca
helm of fiery radiance -1.2 +30HPS EM ApC ApT HW (AND) Mind
large spangelhelm -1.2 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
open-faced, shiny steel helm -1.2 +3MVREGEN +10MV ET Falca
pith helmet -1.2 +3MANA EC EW (OR) Mind
serpent skin coif -1.2 +1DEX HC EW (AND) Mind
black infantry helm -1.0 +10MV +1MVREGEN AdT EW (OR) Falca
bone helm -1.0 +1CON AdCl AdT AdW AdO AdB AdD Hocopor
crimson visored helm -1.0 +1STR perm infravision NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
dragon skull helmet -1.0 +10HPS +1RESIST FIRE NM NC ApT AdW (AND) Hocopor
ebony helm of blood -1.0 +1STR +25HPS NM AdC NT NW (AND) Falca
horned helmet -1.0 Ferrum
woven cloth cap -1.0 AdM AdC ApT ApW (OR) Falca
black beret -0.9 +1STR detect invis NM NC NT NW (AND) Falca
bronze helmet -0.9 Ferrum
pair of moose horns -0.9 +20HPS AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
white scaly helmet -0.9 NT Ferrum
black turban -0.8 Ferrum
iron pot -0.8 Ferrum
kevlar helmet -0.8 +1STR +5MV AdM AdC ApT ApW (OR) Hocopor
marble helmet -0.8 +1CON NT NW (OR) Ferrum
rubber-covered helmet -0.8 +1STR +5MV AdM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Codesh
helm of shadows -0.6 +15MANA -1STR AdM ApC (OR) Bober
red and yellow headdress -0.6 +2MAREGEN +12MANA temp 3x40 Falca
two dursimite horns -0.6 +1INT AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
Crown of the Dark Magi..It has a soft glowing aura! -0.4 +1INT +20MANA xev
damaged propeller beanie -0.4 -2WIS forge cp Falca
furry cap -0.4 +1DEX +10MV NT Ferrum
golden circlet -0.4 +1WIS AdM ApC (AND) Ferrum
black tricornered hat -0.3 +5MANA +1DEX AdM AdC (OR) Falca
King's crown -0.2 +1INT +7MANA ApB ApO (AND) Falca
angel's halo -0.2 Ferrum
diamond encrusted crown -0.2 +1INT + 1 cha Zam
fairy crown -0.2 Ferrum
maroon turban -0.2 +5MANA ApM ApC ApD ApN (OR) Ferrum
pointy black hat -0.2 +1STR NM NT ApW (AND) Ferrum
silver circlet -0.2 +1INT +10MANA ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
black headband -0.0 +1DEX + infravision by 1 Ferrum
copper circlet -0.0 +1MAREGEN ApC Ferrum
crystal helm -0.0 +1MAREGEN +10MANA HM HC (OR) Mind
dunces hat -0.0 +1WIS -1INT ApC ApM ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
dunces pointy hat -0.0 +1WIS -1INT ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falsra
electrum circlet -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN EM EC HT HW (OR) Falca
forest green wreath -0.0 +1WIS -10YEARS Ferrum
jeweled eye patch -0.0 +2HIT +2MVREGEN ApT Ferrum
pair of spectacles -0.0 +15MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
regal sapphire tiara -0.0 +5MANA -1SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC ApD ApN (OR) Ferrum
rose colored glasses -0.0 +1INT Ferrum
sahaguin nose ring -0.0 +1WIS +1MAREGEN temp 3x40 Falca
splintered crown of animal bones -0.0 +5MANA +1WIS ApN Ferrum
velvet eyepatch -0.0 blind by 1 Ferrum
wreath of the ordained -0.0 +5MANA + 1 charisma ApB Ferrum

Worn on Legs
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Glowing Diamond Greaves -1.7 +15HPS +2HPREGEN Prime EW Soi
greaves of war -1.7 HT HW (AND) Falca
legplates of the Paladin -1.7 +20HPS temp 3x40 Ferrum
Holy Greaves -1.6 +1CON holy eq Falca
dinoskin leg plates -1.6 ApT EW (AND) Falca
Gleaming Legplates -1.5 +1CON HW(3x40) Mind
Golden Glowing Steel Plates -1.5 +1STR +7MANA 20 mage and 40 warrior Ranger
chainmail leggings -1.4 ApW Ferrum
glowing leg plates -1.4 +1CON AdC AdW (OR) Ferrum
greaves of valor -1.4 +1CON + 1 kickdamage EM EC AdT AdW EN AdB AdmO Ferrum
set of blue steel greaves -1.4 +1DEX ET EW (AND) Mind
silver leg plates -1.4 +1CON AdC AdW (OR) Falca
volcanic plates -1.4 +1STR cp ET Falca
bronze leggings -1.2 ApW Ferrum
elven chain mail skirt -1.2 Ferrum
pair of ruby leg plates -1.2 +1CON +1STR 3x40 Mind
set of polished bone leggings -1.2 +10MANA -10MV EM EC NT ApW (AND) Mind
transparent leg plates -1.2 +1CON ApM ApC ApT NW (AND) Falca
white scaly leggings -1.2 NW Ferrum
chain mail skirt -1.0 ApM ApC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
greaves silversteel -1.0 +1RESIST COLD +1RESIST FIRE AdC or AdW Kamazoh
heavily worn leg plates -1.0 +1CON -10MV ApC Delving
silversteel greaves -1.0 RESIST FIRE RESIST COLD AdC OR AdW Falsra
tattered kobold skin leggings -0.9 +1CON +1YEARS ApD ApN ApB ApO (OR) Falca
woven cloth skirt -0.9 +1DEX ApM NC AdT ApW (OR) Ferrum
soft, yellow leg plates -0.8 +15MV perma sneak AdT ApW (AND) Ferrum
black chainmail leggings -0.4 +1DEX AdM AdC ApW (OR) Ferrum
pair of cotton pants -0.4 +2MVREGEN NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
tartan plaid kilt -0.4 +1STR -5MANA EW Ferrum
green metal leggings -0.2 +1DEX NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
multilayered skirt -0.2 +1WIS AdM ApC AdT NW (AND) Falca
some chain shackles -0.0 -10HIT uhudshaet ac na primerno 11 edinits, curse you i ne snimajutsja Ferrum

Worn on Feet
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
boots of molten lava -0.5 + resist fire by 1 HM HW (AND) (both 40levels) Mind
diabolan military boots -0.5 resist cold ST SW (AND) Falca
Holy Sandals -0.4 +1STR +3MVREGEN holy eq Falca
pair of spiked boots -0.4 -10MV +1kickdam EW Mind
old leather boots -0.3 +1STR ApT ApW (OR) Falca
pair of deerskin boots -0.3 + resist cold by 1 ApM NC ApT AdW (AND) Ferrum
pair of rock boots -0.3 +1STR +3KICK_DAM AdT AdW (OR) Mind
boots of the beast -0.2 +1STR ApT ApW ApB ApmO (OR) Ferrum
boots of the rapscallion -0.2 +2STR +1SNEAK temp 3x40 Falca
checkered slippers -0.2 Ferrum
elvenkind elven boots -0.2 +1DEX perma Sneak ApM NT (AND) Rainlord
pair of durs-hide boots 2 -0.2 +5MANA -1HPREGEN AdM AdC (OR) Falsra
shimmering boots -0.2 +1STR perma sneak HM HT (AND) Ferrum
some snowshoes -0.2 +20MV Ferrum
pair of durs-hide boots -0.1 +3MANA +5MV AdM AdC ApT (OR) Mind
pair of furry shoes -0.1 +1DEX +15MV ApC ApT (OR) Ferrum
pair of jeweled boots -0.1 +5MANA ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
pair of walking boots -0.1 +40MV ApT Ferrum
rough leather sandals -0.1 +1SNEAK +2MVREGEN ET Ferrum
black silk slippers -0.0 +20MV ApT Ferrum
boots of celtic magic -0.0 +5MANA +7HPS AdM AdC (AND) Mind
boots of radiance -0.0 +10MANA container AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
pair of emerald slippers -0.0 +10MANA HM HC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
pair of old boots -0.0 +15MV NT Ferrum
pair of ragged leather boots -0.0 +1WIS +1HPREGEN AdM AdC (AND) Falca
sandals of the ordained -0.0 +1CON +1 charisma EBard Ferrum
some fairy slippers -0.0 +20MV +1SAVES vs SPELL NM NT (OR) Ferrum
velvety slippers -0.0 +20MV +2SNEAK cp AdM EC AdT AdW (OR) Falca

Worn on Hands
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
adamantine gloves -0.4 EW or ET Mio
pair of thick iron gauntlets -0.4 AdW Mind
Holy Gauntlets -0.3 +20MV +1DAM holy eq Falca
gloves of the conjurer -0.3 +1DAM +8MANA temp 3x40 Falca
set of spiked gauntlets -0.3 +1DAM +1STR temp 3x40 Ferrum
thick leather gloves -0.3 -2HIT ApW Mind
black leather gloves -0.2 Falsra
claws of a hulking horror -0.2 +1DAM +25MV temp 3x40 Falca
elegant leather gloves -0.2 +3 hand damage ApC AdmO (AND) Ferrum
pair of forest green gloves -0.2 +1DEX Ad ANY Falca
pair of wagoneer's gloves -0.2 +2HIT ApM ApC ApT ApT (OR) Ferrum
set of rusty gauntlets -0.2 +2HIT -2SAVES AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
shattered bone gauntlets -0.2 +1WIS EM EC AdT AdW ED EN AdB AdO (OR) Falca
silver gauntlets -0.2 +1DAM +1HIT AdC AdW (AND) Ferrum
banded leather gauntlets -0.1 +1STR AdT Ferrum
handwraps of Kun-Tua -0.1 +1DEX + 2 hand damage ApmO Ferrum
mailed gloves -0.1 +5MANA +1SHOCK EM EC HT HW (OR) Bober
pair of cloth gloves -0.1 +8MANA NM NC (OR) Falca
pair of gold-trimmed gloves -0.1 -2SAVES vs SPELL ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
pair of golden gauntlets -0.1 +1STR AdT ApW (AND) Codesh
set of jade gauntlets -0.1 +5MANA ApM AdC ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
some alchemists gloves -0.1 +RESIST FIRE EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
Pulsar gloves -0.0 +1DAM temp AdM AdT AdC AdW (OR) Codesh
pair of white scaly gloves -0.0 +2MANA +1HPREGEN NM NC NT NW (OR) Falca
set of emerald gauntlets -0.0 +15MANA HM HC (OR) Mind

Worn on Arms
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
armplates carved bone -0.8 AdW AdC (OR) Rainlord
pair of granite bracers -0.8 AdT AdW (OR) Mind
thick leather arm bands -0.7 +2 HPREGEN ApC AdT EW (AND) Element
chainmail sleeves -0.6 ApW Ferrum
crystal sleeves -0.6 +2DAM Prog
golden arm bands -0.6 ApW Ferrum
ivory bracers -0.6 +5HPS Ad at any of 8 classes Ferrum
shifting sleeves -0.6 +1DAM +10MV AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) xev
Holy Sleeves -0.5 +10MANA +1DAM holy eq Falca
diamond sleeves -0.5 +1DAM +2HIT AdT AdW (AND) Falca
set of onyx sleeves -0.4 +1DAM AdT AdW (OR) Falca
sleeves of precision -0.4 +2HITROLL NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
sterling silver sleeves -0.4 +1DAM +2MVREGEN AdM AdT (OR) Ferrum
thick leather sleeves -0.4 +1DEX NT NW NB NmO (OR) Ferrum
pair of singing sleeves -0.3 +1INT +2HPS NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
string of yellow tendon -0.1 +1CON +5MA EM EC (OR) Mind
black cloth sleeves -0.0 +1CON ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
green cloth sleeves -0.0 +1DAM ApT ApmO (OR) Ferrum
pair of silver carbon sleeves -0.0 +2MANA +2MVREGEN it has a soft glowing aura! NM NC NW NT ND NB NO NN Hocopor
pair of white leather sleeves -0.0 -1SAVES vs SPELL +2MANA NM NC (AND) Falca
plaid tartan sleeves -0.0 +5MANA AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Ferrum
red cloth sleeves -0.0 +1STR ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum

Worn as Shield
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Holy Shield -1.1 +1STR holy eq Falca
glinting shield of silver -1.1 AdT AdW (OR) Falca
heavy greatshield -1.1 -10MV AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
adamantite greatshield shield -1.0 +16MANA NA Falsra
glowing dragon scale -1.0 +1CON EC HT EW (OR) Mind
green crested shield -1.0 AdM AdC AdT AdW [OR] Dagaz
quartz shield -1.0 +8MANA MM AC MD MN (OR) Falsra
steel-plated tower shield -0.9 +10HPS -5MV MT AW MB (OR) Falsra
platinum great shield -0.8 +2DEX temp 3x40 Ferrum
runed shield of the moon -0.8 +10MANA EM EC (OR) Bober
shield of lightning -0.8 +1DEX NM ApT AdW (AND) Falca
shield of pure malachite -0.8 +1DEX -1STR NM NC ApT ApW (AND) Hocopor
shifting shield -0.8 +1DEX +10MV ET EW ED EM (OR) Ferrum
Shield of Time -0.7 -5YEARS AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
hexagram-engraved disc -0.7 +10MANA +1MAREGEN temp 3x40 Falca
shield of the stars -0.7 +10MANA temp AdM AdC ET EW (OR) Codesh
shield of the zodiac order -0.7 +1WIS AdM ApC NT AdW (AND) Ferrum
umbrella shield rain -0.7 +2DEX HT HW HM HC (OR) Rainlord
armadillo shell -0.6 +10YEARS +SNEAK NM NC NT NW (AND) Ferrum
silver falcon crested shield -0.6 +2DEX EM EC ET EW ED EN EB (OR) Lob
small wooden shield -0.6 Ferrum
*large leather shield -0.5 ApB Falca
Wind Shield -0.5 +1WIS AdC Falca
bronze shield with a quickling emblem -0.5 +2DEX AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
intricately decorated shield -0.5 +8MANA -5MV EM EC (OR) Mind
large leather shield -0.5 ApW Ferrum
light canvas shield -0.5 Ferrum
scaly shield -0.5 ApM ApC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
small spiked shield -0.5 +1DEX +15MV ApM ApC AdT ApW (AND) Ferrum
the shield of the ram -0.5 +1HAND DAMAGE Wa15 or Ba15 or Mo15 Sleidex
white scaly shield -0.5 NW Ferrum
shield of the dream weaver -0.4 +1INT + 1 cha AdBa Zam
spiked buckler -0.4 +1HIT NT NW (OR) Ferrum
battered metal shield -0.3 +1WIS +5MA EM AdC (AND) Mind
coppery cheetah-skinned shield -0.3 +2DEX ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
crusty turtle shell -0.3 +5MANA ApM ApC (OR) Falca
small buckler -0.3 Ferrum
fairy shield -0.2 +2MANA Ferrum
shield -0.2 Ferrum
aura shield midnight disk darkness -0.1 +1CON +10MANA AdM AdC (OR) Falsra
ornamental shield -0.0 +3MANA NM NC (AND) Falca

Worn about Body
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
black robe -0.5 499 container ApM ApC ET ApW (AND) Falca
bloodstained cloak -0.5 perma sneak 3x40 Ferrum
crimson robe -0.5 container ApM ApC ET EW (AND) Ferrum
robes of the sorcerer -0.5 +1STR temp Av Ferrum
silvery robe -0.5 499 container EM EC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
white robe -0.5 499 container ApM EC ApT ApW (AND) Mind
black leather riding cloak -0.4 +3MVREGEN 299 container AdT ApW (AND) Ferrum
chameleon poncho -0.3 non container ApM ApT (OR) Tanat
dark green robe -0.3 container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
robes of the paladin -0.3 +15MANA temp 3x40 Ferrum
saffron robe -0.3 +1SAVES vs SPELL AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
temple robes -0.3 +8MA container HM HC (OR) Mind
white silk robe -0.3 container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
Cloak of the Spider -0.2 +1DEX ApM ApT (OR) Ferrum
alchemists lab coat -0.2 +2RESIST FIRE container EM EC ET EW (OR) Next
fairy robe -0.2 -5YEARS container Ferrum
flowing satin robe -0.2 +5MANA 199 container AdM AdC (OR) Mind
legerdemain disguise -0.2 +10YEARS perma sneak NM NC ApT NW (AND) Ferrum
robes of red cotton -0.2 +1RESIST FIRE ApM Ferrum
azure robe -0.1 +5MANA ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
ash covered tarab -0.0 +5MANA +15HPS container HM HC (OR) Ferrum
backpack -0.0 container Ferrum
blessed vestment -0.0 +10HPS +1WIS container AdM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
blue velvet vest -0.0 +5MANA container ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
bright surface -0.0 +1DEX +3MVREGEN container cp for shifting shield ApM ApC ApT ApW ApN ApB ApM (OR) Ferrum
brown houserobe -0.0 -1STR Nothing Ferrum
dark blue cloak -0.0 +resist cold +resist fire Ferrum
flowing white robe -0.0 +1WIS +1MAREGEN not a container AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
multicolored mantle -0.0 +1CON +6MANA cont SM SD SN (OR) Falsra
robes of the Dean -0.0 +6MANA container EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
robes of the Supplicant -0.0 +1MAREGEN +1SHOCK temp 3x40 Ferrum
robes of the archmagi -0.0 +10MANA 499 container HM Mind
multi-colored dream coat +0.1 +1MAREGEN 89 container AdM AdC (AND) Mind

Worn as Belt
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
feathered cincture -0.5 -5MV least supreme in at least one of the starting classes Mind
argent scorpion girth -0.4 VALK TEMP AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Hocopor
belt of vitality -0.4 +2HPREGEN ST SW SB SO (OR) Falca
chastity belt -0.4 +1INT +1DEX temp Av Falsra
fiendish girth -0.4 -1SAVES EW Mind
circle of flames -0.3 +1MAREGEN 24 container HM EC (AND) Mind
fine elvish brace -0.3 +15MV ET EW (OR) Falca
flaming sash -0.3 +15MANA 49 container HM HC (AND) (3x40) Mind
sash white -0.3 saving_spell by -2 ApM ApC (AND) Rainlord
Strip of deer hide -0.2 +1DEX AdT AdW (OR) Codesh
dirty apron -0.2 container Ferrum
belt of gems -0.1 +1RESIST FIRE +1RESIST COLD ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
belt of twisted thorns -0.1 +10MV 42 container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
blue sash -0.1 NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
dirty scarf -0.1 +1CON +1RESIST COLD ND NB (AND) Ferrum
dull red belt -0.1 +1STR resist fire by 1 ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
feathered girth -0.1 +10MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
fiery sash -0.1 +7MANA dispellable ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
octopus tentacle -0.1 +30MV perm waterbreathing ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
rope belt -0.1 +1DEX NM NC NT NW (OR) Bober
alchemist tool belt -0.0 container ApC ApM ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
beltpouch -0.0 container Ferrum
black beltpouch -0.0 container Falsra
fairy sash -0.0 +1DEX Ferrum
fiery girdle. -0.0 +1MAREGEN -3WEIGHT container EM EC ST SW ED EN SB SO (OR) Zam
grand sash of illusions -0.0 +30MANA container AdM AdC Dann
holstered belt -0.0 container Ferrum
set of Mages Pouches -0.0 +20MANA +2MAREGEN container MM EC Falca
silk belt -0.0 +1WIS +8MANA EM EC (AND) Falca
silver girth -0.0 +1INT ApM Ferrum
string of glistening icicles -0.0 +2DEX +1RESIST COLD EM EC ET EW (OR) Ferrum
wolfskin belt -0.0 +1WIS +5MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
tooled dwarven brace +0.1 +2STR container HT HW (OR) Falca

Worn on Wrist
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
rusty iron bracer -0.5 -1CON ET EW (AND) Mind
blue steel bracelet -0.4 - 2 SAVES VS BREATH ET EW (OR) Mind
bony bracelet -0.4 EC EW (OR) Ferrum
dragonscale bracer -0.3 +5HPS ET EW (OR) Mind
emerald bracelet -0.3 +1INT AdM Mind
ashen bracelet -0.2 +1DAM +1RESIST FIRE 3x40 Falsra
bone bracer -0.2 -1STR +1DAM ST SW SB SO (OR) Falca
furry wristband -0.2 +1CON AdT ApW (OR) Kamazoh
mithril wristband -0.2 +1HIT AdW Ferrum
parthed leather wrist guard -0.2 +2MVREGEN ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
silvery fur band -0.2 +2MVREGEN AdW AdT (OR) Falca
string of icy blue beads -0.2 +1HIT Forge cp ApM ApW (OR) Mind
bracelet of balancing -0.1 +2HIT ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
chert bracelet -0.1 +1DAM +1MVREGEN HT HW (OR) Mind
elvish bracelet -0.1 +1STR AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
huge steel hoop -0.1 +10HPS NT NW (OR) Falsra
onyx bracelet -0.1 +1DAM HT HW (OR) Falca
pale silver bracelet -0.1 +1INT moonstone forge cp AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Falca
quickling's bracer -0.1 +1DEX NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
shiny charm -0.1 +1SAVES NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
small, leather rat collar -0.1 Ferrum
bracer of flames -0.0 +1MAREGEN +3MANA EM EC (OR) Mind
crystal bracelet -0.0 +1DAM Falsra AdM AdW (OR)
diamond bracer -0.0 +1DAM +1MAREGEN HM Falca
friendship bracelet -0.0 +5MANA AdM AdC (AND) Ferrum
moonstone bracelet -0.0 +1WIS +5MANA MM EC ED MN (OR) Falca
polished stone bracelet -0.0 +2MANA Ferrum
ruby bracelet -0.0 +10MANA EM EC (AND) Mind
rusted bracelet -0.0 +3HIT +10HPS ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falsra
white gold bracelet -0.0 +2HIT Ferrum
zebraskin bracelet -0.0 +2MAREGEN +2HPREGEN temp 3x40 Falca

Held Low
  Item     AC     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Rock of the Ages -0.8 -1HIT +5YEARS xev
Holy Sceptre -0.7 holy eq Falca
demon's claw -0.6 HM HW (AND) Mind
jing-jit disk -0.5 +1STR +15HPS AdT AdW AdB AdO (OR) Ferrum
obsidian pearl -0.5 +15HPS AdC EW (AND) Mind
tinder box -0.5 +1DEX +1INT temp 40M 40C 40T 40W (AND) Falsra
ivory scarab -0.4 AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Rainlord
mongoose skin bag -0.4 +1CON 27 container 3x40 Mind
set of wooden pipes -0.4 +1STR HC HT (AND) Mind
bottle of demons -0.3 +1STR container AdM AdC AdT (OR) Falsra
deemofish scale -0.3 +1HPREGEN forge cp AdT Ferrum
magic carpet -0.3 +1INT EM EC EW (OR) Ferrum
royal decree -0.3 +5HPS +1HIT ApM ApC ApT AdW (OR) Ferrum
shining lava stone -0.3 +1DEX temp AdT ApW (AND) Codesh
black ward -0.2 +5HPS NM NC (OR) Ferrum
diamond sceptre -0.2 +1CON AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
filthy play doll -0.2 +1CON +35HPS Falsra
fish symbol -0.2 +1STR ApT ApW (OR) Falca
pestle -0.2 +1MANA ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
small, sharp scale -0.2 dwarven helm cp NT NW NB NO (OR) Falca
tome of wisdom -0.2 +2HPREGEN +2RESIST PETRIFICATION ApM ApC AdT AdW (OR) Falsra
arcane map tube -0.1 +1DEX container NM NC AdT ApW (AND) Falca
Ornate Scroll Bag -0.0 +2MAREGEN EM EC HT HW (OR) Plato
Rune of the Netherworld -0.0 +15MANA +2MAREGEN HM HC (OR) Falsra
alabaster wand -0.0 4 charges of colour spray Ferrum
antique comb -0.0 +1STR +10MANA 3x40 TEMP Ferrum
ball of hardened wax -0.0 +1MAREGEN +10HPS ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
barbed dart -0.0 has 4 charges level 30 spell of poison Ferrum
bloody lollipop -0.0 AdT Ferrum
blue runestone -0.0 +5MANA ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
book of enlightenment -0.0 +8MANA +PERMA INFRAVISION ApM AdC (AND) Mind
book of knowledge..It has a soft glowing aura! -0.0 +1WIS +3HIT NC ND ApN ApB ApO Hocopor
brass telescope -0.0 +1INFRAVISION Ferrum
canvas rag doll -0.0 +10HPS +1HIT ApC Ferrum
china doll -0.0 +1MAREGEN +1HPREGEN Ferrum
clove of garlic -0.0 it is not food Ferrum
crystal teardrop -0.0 +8MANA +2MAREGEN HM HC (AND) (40 both) Dot
crystalline scale -0.0 +5MANA moonstone forge cp AdM AdC AdD AdN (OR) Falca
cube of gazing -0.0 +1DEX container Hocopor
decorative silver spoon -0.0 Ferrum
fairy charm -0.0 +2SAVES vs SPELL Ferrum
feather duster -0.0 +10MANA ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Mind
feather quill -0.0 Ferrum
gently-curving wand -0.0 4 charges energy drain not more AdN Ferrum
golden flute -0.0 -6INT staff, 1 charges off charm person Ferrum
head of a dragon -0.0 +RESIST FIRE NM NC NT NW (OR) Hocopor
icy sapphire -0.0 forge cp NM Ferrum
iron crowbar -0.0 +10MV need to pry seals in luna's temple cellar AdT Ferrum
large flask -0.0 55 water container NM NC NT NW (OR) Ferrum
looking glass -0.0 10 charges of detect invisibility Ferrum
lucky rabbits foot charm -0.0 +5MANA -1SAVES vs SPELL cp ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Falca
malachite sceptre -0.0 +10MANA -1HIT ApM ApC (AND) Ferrum
obsidian serpent -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2MVREGEN Ap ANY Falca
paint-bucket -0.0 +1SHOCK container Cheb
painter's palette -0.0 5 charges of colour spray Ferrum
red carnation -0.0 +1WIS Ferrum
red rose -0.0 -2YEARS Ferrum
rod of hickory -0.0 level 25 spell of fireball. has 5 charges, with 5 charges left. AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Ferrum
sable blood rune -0.0 +1MAREGEN +15MANA HM HC (AND) Falsra
sahaguin net -0.0 Ferrum
sceptre of authority -0.0 +1WIS -2SAVES AdC Falsra
set of lock picks -0.0 forge cp Ferrum
shimmering wand -0.0 +1DEX +1HIT has 3 charges of restoration ApM ApC ApT (OR) Next
small cross -0.0 +5MANA Ferrum
small figurine -0.0 6 charges of meteor swarm Soi
small pebble -0.0 +2MAREGEN +5MA AdM AdC (OR) Mind
small silver bell -0.0 +1INT ApC Ferrum
snowball -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2MANA Falca
staff engraved with the king's symbol -0.0 level 40 spell of demon touch Ferrum
steel lockpick -0.0 +1DEX +5 pick lock AdT Ferrum
stricht -0.0 +1MAREGEN +2HPREGEN AdM AdC (OR) Ferrum
wand of The Black One -0.0 poison cp (5 charges of lvl 42 firestorm, has 0) Falca

  Item     Dice     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
longbow 0d0 0 0 fire weapon ApM Ferrum
bastard sword 1D10 0 0 NW Ferrum
gravel rake 1D2 0 +2 -5HEIGHT Ferrum
long rake 1D2 0 0 Ferrum
toy sword 1D3 0 0 Ferrum
cat o' nine tails 1D4 0 0 Ferrum
huge hammer 1D4 0 0 +1HITROLL +1DAMROLL forge cp Falca
hooked fauchard 1D5 0 +1 -0.1AC NM NC ApT ApW (AND) Falsra
wooden club 1D5 0 0 Ferrum
hand axe 1D6 0 0 Ferrum
spear 1D6 0 0 Ferrum
staff 1D6 0 0 Ferrum
javelin 1D7 +1 +1 ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
katana 1D8 +1 +2 NT NW (OR) Ferrum
hooked aklys 1D8 +2 +1 NM NC ApT ApW (AND) Ferrum
Bob's sword 1D8 0 0 NW Ferrum
fishbone 1D8 0 0 NW Ferrum
long sword 1D8 0 0 Ferrum
spiked club 1D8 0 0 Ferrum
heavy iron sword 1D9 0 0 NW Ferrum
meat cleaver 2D3 0 0 ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
mace of authority 2D4 +1 0 +1WIS lightning bolt proc AdC Ferrum
staff of the elven forest 2D4 +2 +1 magic missile proc ApM ApN (OR) Ferrum
fairy sword 2D4 +2 0 Ferrum
chair leg 2D4 0 +1 Ferrum
black short sword 2D4 0 0 ApW ApT ApM ApC (OR) Hocopor
lightning bolt 2D4 0 0 NM Falsra
snooker cue 2D4 0 0 enchantable ApT AdW (AND) Falsra
wooden sword 2D4 0 0 enchantable Ferrum
condotierri sword 2D5 +1 +3 NT ApW (AND) Ferrum
Paddle of Discipline 2D5 +1 0 Ferrum
gleaming mace 2D5 +2 +3 not more then SupWa Ferrum
Macuahuitl 2D5 0 +1 +1STR chop limb % 3x40 Falca
ant mandibles 2D5 0 +1 +1STR 3x40 Zam
razor sharp tiger claw 2D5 0 +1 +1DEX chopper 3x40 Ferrum
mace of striking 2D5 0 0 +1DEX +5MV ApC Ferrum
Mace of Suffering 2D6 +1 +1 ApC Ferrum
black mace 2D6 +1 +1 ApC Falsra
guardsman's saber 2D6 +1 +1 Ferrum
kender hoopak 2D6 +1 +1 ApM ApC ApT AdW (AND) Ferrum
quickling sabre 2D6 +1 +1 NW Ferrum
silver sword 2D6 +2 0 ApM ApW (AND) Ferrum
Enchanted Staff of Storms 2D6 0 +2 +1WIS lightning proc EM EC (OR) Mind
spiked cudgel 2D7 +1 +1 NC NW ND Ferrum
runed sword 2D7 +2 0 +1CON ApM ApW (AND) Ferrum
tempered steel longsword 2D7 +2 0 AdW Ferrum
great flail 2D7 +3 0 ApC ApW (OR) Ferrum
sword of wounding 2D7 -2 +1 ApT ApW Ferrum
heavy steel mace 3D3 +1 +1 EC AdW (AND) Ferrum
sharp dusty branch 3D3 +3 0 NM NC NC NT (OR) Mind
blackened blade 3D3 0 +1 AdM AdC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
double-pointed mining pick 3D4 +1 +2 AdT AdW (AND) Ferrum
powered steel broadsword 3D4 +1 0 +1STR AdT EW (AND) Ferrum
honed steel rapier 3D4 +2 +1 ApW Ferrum
Staff of Thunder and Lightning 3D4 +2 0 lightning proc ExpM Falsra
elven short blade 3D4 +2 0 flamestrike proc AdC ApTh ApWa AdNe (OR) Yasik
troll's maul 3D4 -2 +2 ApC AdW (OR) Ferrum
jeweled saber 3D4 0 +1 +1DEX ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
runed battle axe 3D4 0 +1 +1STR ApM ApW (AND) Ferrum
knotted pine staff 3D4 0 0 +10YEARS +5MANA ApM ApC (OR) Ferrum
pike 3D4 0 0 two handed ApW Ferrum
mithril axe 3D5 +1 +1 AdW Falsra
flamberge 3D5 +1 0 +2HPREGEN AdM AdW (AND) Ferrum
loggers maul 3D5 +3 +2 HW Bazilus
Mace of Flames 3D6 +3 0 +1MAREGEN ExpM HC ApW Dann
Holy Sword 3D7 +3 +1 holy eq Falca
curved sacrificial knife 4D3 +0 +0 +2HPREGEN chop limb % AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR) Falca
Specularem 4D3 +1 0 cuts limbs 3x40 TEMP Falsra
double bladed battle axe 4D3 +1 0 chop limb % 3x40 Falca
large curved scimitar 4D3 +2 +2 chop limb % HM HC HT HW (OR) Falca
long, jagged sword 4D3 0 +2 -5YEARS EM EC ET AdW (OR) Falsra
Maul of the Titans 4D4 0 +2 +1STR HC HW (AND) Mind
bloodstained zweihander 4D4 0 +2 drain life cumulative proc 40 Wa Dann
steel pike 5D2 0 0 two handed, enchantable ApW Ferrum

Backstab Weapon
  Item     Dice     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
pair of hedge shears 1D4 0 0 Ferrum
small knife 1D4 0 0 enchantable Ferrum
invisible misericord 1D6 +1 0 cp NM NT (AND) Falca
heavy wooden spear 1D7 0 0 NT Ferrum
long wooden spear 1D7 0 0 Ferrum
some sharp horns 1D8 0 0 Ferrum
tooth of the swimming dragon 2D3 +2 +2 AdT NW (AND) Hocopor
letter opener 2D4 +1 +2 ApT Ferrum
long stiletto 2D4 +1 +2 ApT Ferrum
skinning knife 2D4 +1 0 ApT NW (OR) Ferrum
table knife 2D4 +2 0 NT Ferrum
gold-pommeled stiletto 2D4 +3 +2 ApT AdW AdB (OR) Ferrum
metal spike 2D4 0 +1 Ferrum
cinquedeas 2D5 +1 +3 BLIND PROC on stab AdM AdC HT EW (25 Wa) Falca
sable gimlet 2D5 +1 +3 HT AdW (AND) Falca
diamond encrusted dagger 2D5 +1 0 +1HPREGEN ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
sharp wooden stake 2D5 +2 +1 ApT Ferrum
sahaguin trident 2D5 -2 +1 ApT Ferrum
curved steel knife 2D5 0 +2 +1STR 4x40 Ferrum
kitchen knife 2D5 0 0 enchantable ApT Ferrum
secari dagger 2D5 0 0 +1MAREGEN +2MVREGEN ApM ApT (AND) Mind
thunderbolt..It emits a faint humming sound! 2D6 +2 +3 NAv Bazilus
short dirk 3D2 +1 +1 ApM ApT (OR) Ferrum
sharp bee's stinger 3D3 +3 0 poison proc AdT EW (OR) Falsra
polished steel chisel 3D3 -1 0 AdT Ferrum
a blackened blade 3D3 0 +1 AdM AdT AdW (OR) Codesh
great short sword of the hunter Orion 3D3 0 +2 +1STR ApM AdT (AND) Hocopor
gem cutter 3D3 0 0 +1MAREGEN +1HPREGEN HM HC HT HW (OR) Falsra
ice chisel 3D3 0 0 enchantable AdT Kamazoh
ivory hilted dagger 3D4 +1 +1 ET Mind
small golden dagger 3D4 +1 0 +10MV ApT Ferrum
ebony kris 3D4 +2 +1 MeT Codesh
sharp shard of obsidian 3D4 0 +1 AdT (think 31th) Falsra
sgian dubh 3D4 0 0 +5MANA AdM AdC (AND) Mind
sharp onyx shiv 3D4 0 0 +1MAREGEN EC EW (OR) Mind
obsidian dagger 4D3 +1 0 +1DEX ET Mind
Stinger 4D3 0 0 +2MVREGEN Ap thief Mikee
the Holy Dagger 6D2 +3 0 +2MVREGEN holy eq Falca

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
basin of balms cure critic, cure critic Ferrum
black heart jewel level 48 spells of strength Ferrum
black potion with a red glowing center Dispel magic Mind
blessing of a god level 46 spells of sanctuary Ferrum
cerise potion Armor+cure light Falsra
clear blue potion Fly + water breathing + refresh Mind
clear vial of an odorless liquid iocaine poison (4 applies) 31 PT Falca
cloudy vial of thick liquid macedon poison (blind, 3 applies total) 31 PT Falca
dull gold potion Cure light Mind
effervescent potion lvl 16: detect evil, detect invisibility, detect magic Codesh
elixir of vitality Cure plague Falsra
flask of human blood Level 40 spells of regeneration, infravision Kamazoh
green potion blindness, teleport, cure blind Ferrum
jar of embalming fluid turn undead x5 Falsra
jug of distilled alcohol poison cp. affects: 41 level poison, sleep Falca
milky white potion word of recall Ferrum
olive potion dispel evil, curse, heal Ferrum
orange potion Strength Ferrum
potion as black as desperation word off recall Mind
potion of enlightenment increase age Ferrum
potion of greater strength Strength TEMP Falsra
potion of insight level 12 spells of detect invisibility Ferrum
potion of knitting level 12 spells of cure light Ferrum
potion of lesser sanctuary Sanctuary TEMP Falsra
potion of youth reduces age Falsra
purple potion Remove poison Mind
red potion Armor Mind
silver potion Call lightning+cure critic Ferrum
some royal jelly Cure light Ferrum
some yellow dust curse Ferrum
sparkling green potion detect evil, detect invisibility, detect magic Ferrum
thick flask of a concentrated clear liquid concentrated iocaine poison (3 applies) 31 PT Falca
vial of alcohol brew cp Ferrum
vial of blood brew cp Ferrum
vial of citric acid brew cp Ferrum
vial of firedrake spittle brew cp Ferrum
vial of mercury brew cp Ferrum
vial of quickling sweat brew cp Ferrum
vial of slime brew cp Ferrum
vial of squids ink brew cp Falca
vial of troll blood brew cp Ferrum
vial of white liquid percodan poison (1 apply) 31 prime thief Falca
vial of youth elixir reduce age (1d5+1 year) Mind
yellow potion Detect invisibility Mind

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
bit of pollen Ferrum
bloody lollipop AdT Ferrum
blubbery piece of whale skin forge cp Ferrum
bowl of elk stew appears on ground at repop Ferrum
bread Ferrum
carrot Ferrum
chocolate bunny Ferrum
cinnamon roll Ferrum
cloudcarrot Ferrum
crab claw Ferrum
dead mouse Ferrum
golden egg forge cp Mind
handful of volcano dust forge cp Mind
link of haggis cp Ferrum
mess of beef ribs Ferrum
pie Falsra
piece of dried meat Ferrum
red apple Ferrum
roast grymlyn sandwich Rhox
roasted pheasant Ferrum
salmon egg Ferrum
shrimp cocktail Ferrum
some honey appears on ground at repop Ferrum
some salmon Ferrum
some shelled peanuts Ferrum
some trailmix Ferrum
tasty mushroom Ferrum

Water Container
  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Chalice of the Great Old One 41 container Falsra
a rotten pumpkin head..It has a soft glowing aura! 80 water container tinner
bottle of blood 5 container Ferrum
canteen 50 container Ferrum
cask of spiced rum 40 container Mind
chilled bottle of ale 8 container Ferrum
ebony black amphora 50 container Ferrum
empty flask 5 container, poison cp Ferrum
golden goblet of sacrifice 75 container Tinner
herbal brew 5 container Ferrum
keg of icybrau 75 container Mind
kilderkin of draconian blood 10 container Ferrum
large flask Dezakin
large honeycomb 75 containner Ferrum
large soaked sponge 50 container Ferrum
leather wineskin 40 container Dezakin
milk bladder 20 container Falsra
sapphire qwevri 75 container Falca
sheepskin canteen 11 Windessy
silver beer mug 50 container Ferrum
tankard of mead 30 container Ferrum
water barrel 50 container Ferrum
waterskin 50 container Ferrum
whisky bottle 15 container Falsra
wooden casket 20 container Ferrum

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
small book scroll hellfire hellfire, char_height by -5 NM NC (OR) Ferrum
Necronomicon Blindness, curse, energy drain Falca
burnt scroll Fireball Ferrum
charred scroll lvl 14: flamestrike Codesh
chinese fortune cookie Fortune Mind
damp moldy scroll lvl15: web Codesh
dark black scroll water breathing, water breathing of 20 level Ferrum
dwarvish recall scroll Word of recall Falsra
ethereal scroll phase door,phase door,phase door Ferrum
icy scroll Ice ray TEMP Falsra
maroon piece of paper infravision Falca
page from the Rigveda level 30 armor, bless Falca
page from the Samaveda call lightning Ferrum
page from the Yajurveda 3x create food Ferrum
quail scroll Word of recall Ferrum
rope scroll Magic rope TEMP Ferrum
scroll of demonic destruction demon touch lev40 Ferrum
scroll of dragonfire firewind;fireball;fireball Ferrum
scroll of elemental control meteor swarm + chain lightning + ice storm Mislik
scroll of identify Identify Falca
scroll of knowledge Identify Bazilus
scroll of recall Word of recall Mind
scroll of undead knowledge identify Ferrum
small faded scroll Mass invisibility Ferrum
small glowing scroll sanctuary Ferrum
vellum scroll level 12 spells of fly Ferrum
worn toe tag tur undead lvl 40 Falsra

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Invitation to Castle Black key to castle black Falsra
Kuo-toan shrine key a key for part of kou-toan area Falca
black coral key key to saha king (cf) Falsra
black marble key key for luna temple cellar Ferrum
bone key key for nocast room in dark tower Ferrum
bone key (finger) key to annis hag at bh jungle Ferrum
bronze key key for grand master (mtower) Ferrum
ceramic key to foom Ferrum
chain of keys key for yoopers Mind
clay key to haupha Ferrum
glowing white key key for Eden rooms Falca
ivebony rod key to Bomanz's labs in M.A.G.I.C. Level 42 web x3 wand. Falca
jade key key for Chaeston Mind
jailers key chain key for bh jail (cell 1e from sash headquarters) Shidoshi
jeweled skeleton key key for volcano's cells Mind
key made of crystalline glass to twit Ferrum
large brass key key for chest in serpent room in pirate area (BH) Ferrum
librombra key to shadowlands Falsra
metal key to banyan Ferrum
multi-colored clown's head shaped key key for circus master Ferrum
multi-colored crystal rod hellwell cells key Falca
oak and ash key to temple Ferrum
old keychain ? Ferrum
ornate glass bottle key for dessert (open bottle to get there) Ferrum
runed key castle black key, crumbles. Falsra
seal of the wizard Bomanz key to the room with codex (crumbling) Falca
shape-shifting key M.A.G.I.C. general key Falca
shattered key to lout Ferrum
small intricate key key for judge temple rooms Ferrum
small wooden key key for quickling king and queen Ferrum
strange apparatus key to hellwell Falca
sun ray key to castle in Theris (crumbles) Falca
vial of rust key for Tabaxi Mind
vibrant yellow key key for paymaster (wagons) Ferrum
wooden key to meep Ferrum

  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
A book of demons unholy strength Necromancer 14 Yasik
A storybook of dragons 33 tard Vrta
Book of faith shield of faith Igorvas
ancient digest of defense dodge 15 mO Ferrum
ancient spellbook word of recall 30 Ma 11 Cl Ferrum
apothecary's spellbook remove disease 11 Cl Ferrum
aqua spellbook water breathing 16 Ma 9 Cl Ferrum
black velvet-covered spellbook dark cloak 38 Cl Ferrum
blessed spellbook enchant weapon 12 Ma 31 Cl Ferrum
blood colored spellbook vampiric touch 21 Necro Ferrum
blood red spellbook Fireball 15 Ma Ferrum
blurry spellbook vision 19 Cl Ferrum
book being consumed by flames damnation 7 Av Ferrum
book blazing with the glory of heaven grace 8 Av Ferrum
book of dread fear 23 Necro Ferrum
book of longevity stamina 9 Av Ferrum
book of mystical secrets corona 13 Av Falca
book of proverbs insight 18 Av Falca
braille spellbook cure blind 4 Cl Ferrum
bright white spellbook dispel magic 6 Ma 6 Cl Ferrum
brightly glowing spellbook sanctuary 17 Cl Ferrum
burgundy spellbook Meteor swarm 21 Ma Falsra
chain bound spellbook Demon bind 34 Ma 20 Cl Ferrum
charcoal tome talshans tribute 20 Cl Ferrum
chromatic spellbook Perception 35 Ma Falsra
cobalt blue spellbook Lightning bolt 9 Ma Ferrum
codex of demonic destruction Demon Touch 31 mage Falca
compiled musical flat-notes haunted dirge 27 Bard Ferrum
copper-plated spellbook telepathy 10 mage Falca
copper-plated spellbook telepathy 10 mage Falca
cracked spellbook eatrhquake 7 Cl Ferrum
cranberry red spellbook colour spray 11 Ma Ferrum
crimson spellbook prismatic spray 19 Ma Ferrum
crumbling spellbook Magic rope 13 Ma Janux
diamond encrusted spellbook raise dead 36 Cl Ferrum
emerald encrusted spellbook restoration 35 Cl Ferrum
ethereal spellbook Mindbar 12 Cl Ferrum
familiar looking spellbook familiar 6 Ma Ferrum
fat spellbook Feast 29 Cl Ferrum
flaming red spellbook hellfire 10 Ma Ferrum
floating spellbook fly 9 Ma 17 Cl Ferrum
forest green spellbook Cure critic 20 Cl Ferrum
furtive lessons from the past stalk 17 mO Ferrum
garnet spellbook disintegrate 28 Ma Ferrum
gigantic spellbook vigor 24 Av Falca
glowing green spellbook Spell shield sb 31 Cl Mind
golden spellbook mobility 22 Cl Ferrum
hallowed songbook sacred reprieve 25 Ba Ferrum
hazy spellbook control weather 10 Ma 13 Cl Ferrum
hunter green spellbook Heal 25 Cl Ferrum
informative looking spellbook identify 2 Av Ferrum
ironbound spellbook hermetic ward 33 Ma Ferrum
ivory spellbook protection from evil 6 Cl Ferrum
ivy green spellbook Cure serious 38 Ma 15 Cl Ferrum
jade green spellbook greater heal 30 Cl Ferrum
joyance odes of the manifold dance of the many 20 Bard Ferrum
large transparent spellbook mass invisibility 38 Cl 11 Ma Ferrum
levitating spellbook mass fly 29 Ma 39 Cl Ferrum
lightning covered manual flurry skill 30 Mo Falca
locked spellbook force field 28 Cl Ferrum
lyrics of conclusive dreams hymn of the morning star Bard 23 Ferrum
magenta spellbook flamestrike 14 Ci Ferrum
maggot ridden spellbook animate dead 19 Cl Ferrum
magnetic spellbook Locate object 6 Ma 33 Cl Ferrum
manual with a faint palm print strike 8 mO Ferrum
marbled spellbook Silence 17 Ma Ferrum
massive spellbook Strength 7 Ma Ferrum
midnight black spellbook dispel evil 10 Cl Ferrum
moss green spellbook cure minor 4 Cl Ferrum
musical tones of sacrosanct sanctuary for the soul 13 Bard Ferrum
mysterious looking spellbook. Infravision 9 Ma Falsra
navy blue spellbook ice storm 26 Ma Ferrum
obsidian spellbook energy drain 13 Ma Ferrum
old book of bafflement blindfight 4 mO Ferrum
opaque spellbook Blind 6 Cl 8 Ma Ferrum
orange spellbook stone skin 17 Ma 11 Cl Ferrum
pale red spellbook burning hands 5 Ma Ferrum
partially destroyed spellbook destruction 36 Necro Ferrum
partially dissolved spellbook acid blast 25 Ma Ferrum
passage of scripture passage 32 Bard Ferrum
prussian blue spellbook freeze 8 Ma Ferrum
pulsating spellbook Summon 8 Cl Ferrum
religious spellbook bless 5 Cl Ferrum
rose red spellbook Shocking grasp 7 Ma Ferrum
royal blue spellbook ice ray 20 Ma Ferrum
ruby encrusted spellbook firewind 36 Ma Ferrum
scarlet spellbook spark shower 14 MA Ferrum
scratched red spellbook Remove curse 12 Cl Ferrum
sea green spellbook Cure normal 36 Ma 10 Cl Ferrum
shimmering spellbook Relocation 31 Av Falsra
silver inlaid spellbook greater refresh 11 Av Ferrum
silvery spellbook refresh 16 Cl Ferrum
sky blue spellbook call lightning 12 Cl Ferrum
slightly sticky training manual Squirm skill 15 Th Ferrum
slippery spellbook resist webs 4 Av Falca
spellbook missing some pages fortune 15 Cl Ferrum
spellbook titled, Time chronos incantation 22 Ma 22 Cl Ferrum
spellbook with a red aura curse 17 Cl 12 Ma Ferrum
spinning spellbook gate 18 Ma 21 Cl Ferrum
stack of earthtone notes nature's familiar 10 Dr Ferrum
sticky spellbook Web 4 Ma 18 Cl Ferrum
sun blazoned bound pages sunbeam 25 Druid Ferrum
tan spellbook Remove poison 9 Cl Ferrum
thick spellbook sleep 14 Ma Ferrum
thief's handbook quicken 27 Av Falca
thin manual bound in balsa waterwalk 11 mO Ferrum
thor's spellbook Spiritual hammer 4 Cl Ferrum
thunder scripts stun 12 mO Ferrum
tightly bound spellbook charm person 14 Ma Ferrum
tome of restorative remedies rejuvenation 12 Av Falca
topaz spellbook Chain lightning 17 Ma Ferrum
translucent brown spellbook Detect disease 5 Cl Ferrum
translucent yellow spellbook detect evil 4 Cl 26 Ma Ferrum
transparent spellbook invisibility 4 Ma Ferrum
twirling spellbook Lloyd's beacon 32 Ma 27 Cl Ferrum
ultimate guide to wind control a great white spark emerges from under the cover of the ultimate guide to wind 40 mage Edd
vibrating spellbook Teleport 8 Ma Ferrum
vine covered spellbook Regeneration 17 Cl Falsra
violet spellbook marked with a pentagram hellstrike 27 Cl Ferrum
volume with a splintered cover knock Mage 12 Nec 17 Ferrum
white spellbook sense life 7 Cl 25 Ma Ferrum


  Item     Attributes     Restrictions     Added by  
Necronomicon blind;curse;energy drain Mind
a wand of the Ultimate Solution..It has a soft glowing aura! Only those who are at least novice magic users may use this item. Plus
alabaster wand 4 charges of colour spray Kamazoh
ancient keychain of the shuggoth lord container for keys (about 22-25 weight) Mind
ancient parchment Falsra
bag container Ferrum
ball of water cp Ferrum
balsamic essential oil cp for ether band Ferrum
bar of gold cp for valor leg plates Ferrum
bar of lead forge cp Falca
bar of mithril Invoker
bar of silver forge cp Ferrum
battered suitcase container ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR) Ferrum
bird-type claw Falsra
bit of ground pepper poison cp Falca
bit of powdered nightshade lyme poison cp Falca
black iron rod -
black staff 2 charges of teleport Ferrum
blue-green lizard scales cp, temp Falca
book stamp Ferrum
branch of ash brew cp Ferrum
branch of birch brew cp Ferrum
branch of hickory brew cp Ferrum
branch of ironwood brew cp Ferrum
branch of maple brew cp Ferrum
branch of oak brew cp Ferrum
branch of pine brew cp Ferrum
branch of redwood brew cp Ferrum
branch of walnut brew cp Ferrum
bright feather brew cp Falsra
burlap sack container Ferrum
cat dancer Ferrum
chunk of chert chert bracelet cp Falca
chunk of granite brew cp Ferrum
chunk of ice brew cp Falsra
cracked beak brew cp Ferrum
cracked shark's tooth poy cp Ferrum
cyclone of sand eoy cp Ferrum
damp pinecone Mind
decomposed brain of a wise man brew cp Ferrum
decomposing brain brew cp Ferrum
deep blue spherical ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-20 levels Ferrum
deer tail brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
diamond needle file Falca
disembodied eye brew cp Ferrum
dragon's fang Forge cp (for glowing dragon scale) Mind
dripping icicle poy cp Ferrum
dursimite hoof Mind
egg of newt brew cp Ferrum
elegantly decorated brooch Falsra
embers of the inferno Falsra
emerald encrusted dart key object for masked prisoner Ferrum
essence of shadow brew cp Ferrum
essence of the ages brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
few belladonna leaves brew cp Ferrum
few clippings from a hedge brew cp Ferrum
few flecks of dried blood Falsra
few leaves of a hibiscus lyme poison cp Ferrum
fine white powder poison cp Ferrum
first page Zam
flask of kirdir juice liquid container Mind
flicker of flame Falsra
fossilized feather eoy cp Ferrum
frozen wisp of dragon's breath brew cp Ferrum
garnet Ferrum
gills of a water weird brew cp Ferrum
glowing chunk of metal Hocopor
glowing crab shell brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
glowing hoof brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
glowing wolf tooth brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
gold nugget Ferrum
golden bar forge cp Falca
golden rune Falsra
golden sack 248 container Mind
gorynych tail whip cp, temp Falca
goshawk tail feather Mind
handbag container Ferrum
handful of golden powder powder lays in a paint-bucket Cheb
heart of a saint brew cp Ferrum
hexagonal shaped token reroll token for any level chars Mind
hollow human corpse boat, weight 5 Falca
hoof of a centaur brew cp (for eoy) Mind
hoof of a centaur eoy cp Ferrum
iron crowbar forge cp Ferrum
jar of embalming fluid cps of ashen bracelet Mind
jar of molasses cp Ferrum
kender topknot brew cp (for eoy) Mind
large geode cp for valor leg plates Ferrum
lavender ellipsoid ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-40 levels Mind
lavender rhomboid ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-10 levels Ferrum
long cylindrical tube 41 container Mind
lump of coal Ferrum
mandrake root brew cp Ferrum
mesh of intertwined threads brew cp (for poison for weapon) Ferrum
multicolored urn Falsra
mummified finger brew cp Ferrum
mummified hand brew cp Ferrum
nitric acid cp for soch forges Ferrum
nose ring Shrike
octagonal shaped token reroll stats, incr. sum Falca
otter pelt Ferrum
painter's palette wand, 5 charges of colour spray Ferrum
pair of dice Mind
parcel wrapped in brown paper container Ferrum
piece of blue fur Ferrum
piece of bluish bark forge cp Mind
piece of ginseng brew cp Ferrum
piece of inscribed dwarf skin dwhelm forge cp Falca
piece of inscribed orc skin Falsra
piece of tinder brew cp Ferrum
potion of mystical powers Falsra
powered crystal brew cp Falsra
raft Boat Mind
red and white staff mass recall except user Mind
red rose Ferrum
red-tipped spike eoy cp Ferrum
scalp of a dwarven sentry Falsra
second page Zam
set of prongs forge cp Falca
shark's tooth brew cp Ferrum
shifting mirror cp Ferrum
silver flute treasure Falca
silver worg pelt eoy cp Ferrum
skein of rawhide forge cp temp Ferrum
sling bullet Ferrum
sliver of diamond Falca
sliver of sapphire Falca
small golden chain forge cp Falca
small hammer Falsra
small patch of moss brew cp Ferrum
small sapling Ferrum
small strand of intestines cp Mind
small twig cp Ferrum
soccer ball Serega
solidified wisp of wraith's breath brew cp Falsra
some diamond dust brew cp Ferrum
some emerald dust brew cp Ferrum
some fish scales brew cp for +age potion Ferrum
some obsidian dust brew/forge cp Ferrum
some opal dust brew cp Ferrum
some pearl dust brew cp Ferrum
some ruby dust brew cp Ferrum
some sapphire dust brew cp Ferrum
some tears of a dogman brew cp Ferrum
some tears of a lost soul brew cp Ferrum
some topaz dust cp Falca
soul of Elena brew cp Ferrum
soul of the most evil brew cp Ferrum
speckled feather forge cp Mind
sphinx talisman Falsra
sprig of nightshade brew cp Ferrum
sprouting acorn Mind
strand of silk webbing Falsra
strange triangular shaped token reroll stats under 20 level Ferrum
straw broom Ferrum
strip of hide forge cp Mind
swatch of cloth lyme poison and forge cp Ferrum
tattered note (shifting shield) forge cp Ferrum
third page Zam
tiny chisel Falsra
token of binding Forge cp (for ring of blue ice and ring of white fire) Mind
torn page from a forgers manual Falsra
touch of sunlight brew cp Ferrum
treatise on heroism Ferrum
tuft of fur brew cp Ferrum
twin spiked collars Ferrum
uncut sapphire cp Falca
vial of sulphuric acid. Ferrum
well-glued envelope Zam
white spindle shaped ioun stone for meming mage spells of 1-30 levels Mind
wooden bartap Falsra