type: Worn as Belt
name: sash white
AC: -0.3
attributes: saving_spell by -2
restrictions: ApM ApC (AND)
look: A small piece of cloth has been discarded here.
desc: The broad sash is a soft pale white that accents any relaxed attire.
Tied with a knot to the side it could be dashing in appearance.
identify: Object 'sash white', Item type: ARMOR
Weight: 6, Value: 25000
AC-apply is -0.3
Can affect you as :
Affects : SAVING_SPELL By -2
Only those who are at least apprentice magic users and also apprentice
clerics may use this item.
mobiles: maid ( BH, The Clouds )

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added: by Rainlord , 30.12.2001 13:19 MSK