type: Other
name: deep blue spherical ioun stone
attributes: for meming mage spells of 1-20 levels
look: A small deep blue sphere is hidden in the dust here.
desc: The stone is cool to the touch, an oversize blue marble. About half an
inch in diameter, it shows a tendency to run away on its own that makes
it seem almost alive.
identify: Object 'ioun stone magetwo', Item type: IOUN
Item is: MAGIC
Weight: 1, Value: 7000
mobiles: angel ( BH, The Clouds )
gnoll shaman ( BH, Gnolls )
grymlyn merchant ( SS, Grymlyns )
sleeping mage visitor (Shhhh, The mage is sleeping.) ( AH, Mage Tower )
young mage man ( AH, Mage Tower )

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added: by Ferrum , 07.01.2002 15:01 MSK