type: Worn as Shield
name: silver falcon crested shield
AC: -0.6
attributes: +2DEX
restrictions: EM EC ET EW ED EN EB (OR)
look: A silver shield embossed with an ornate falcon lies here...It has a soft glowing aura!
desc: You see nothing special
identify: Object 'falcon crested shield ', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: GLOW
Weight: 8, Value: 60000
AC-apply is -0.6
Can affect you as :
Affects : DEX By 2
Only those who are at least experienced magic users, clerics, thieves,
warriors, druids, necromancers, or bards may use this item.
mobiles: captain soldier ( AH, Aisholm )
elite guard guardsman ( BH, The Castle )

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added: by Lob , 08.01.2002 06:05 MSK