type: Weapon
name: runed battle axe
dice: 3D4 0 +1
attributes: +1STR
restrictions: ApM ApW (AND)
look: A strong battle axe, carved with many runes, lies here.
desc: The runes seem evil and foreboding, but the workmanship of the axe is
identify: Object 'runed battle axe', Item type: WEAPON
Weight: 13, Value: 11500
Damage Dice is '3D4'
Can affect you as :
Affects : STR By 1
Affects : DAMROLL By 1
Only those who are at least apprentice magic users and also apprentice
warriors may use this item.
mobiles: Fjortna storm giant cook ( Lyme, Irapuete )
gnoll chief chieftain ( BH, Gnolls )

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added: by Ferrum , 11.01.2002 09:57 MSK