type: Other
name: battered suitcase
attributes: container
restrictions: ApM ApC ApT ApW (OR)
look: A battered suitcase stands on the ground.
desc: The suitcase has been constructed from a light ply wood covered in a thin
tanned leather. Stapled bronze bars hold the edges of the box together.
The sides are covered in stickers showing where the owner has been. The
locks on the clasp look well worn and very easy to break.
When you look more closely, you see:
suitcase (carried):
identify: Object 'suitcase battered', Item type: CONTAINER
Item is: NOBITS
Weight: 10, Value: 2000
Only those who are at least apprentice magic users or apprentice clerics,
or apprentice thieves, or apprentice warriors may use this item.
mobiles: university student freshman boy son ( AH, The Unseen University )

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added: by Ferrum , 22.04.2002 04:25 MSK