type: Weapon
name: hooked aklys
dice: 1D8 +2 +1
restrictions: NM NC ApT ApW (AND)
look: A short, heavy club with a sharp steel hook has been left on the ground.
desc: The aklys is a short club made of sturdy ironwood and tipped with a sharp hook.
identify: Object 'hooked aklys club', Item type: WEAPON
Item is: MAGIC
Weight: 10, Value: 2650
Damage Dice is '1D8'
Can affect you as :
Affects : HITROLL By 2
Affects : DAMROLL By 1
Only those who are at least novice magic users and also novice clerics, and
apprentice thieves, and apprentice warriors may use this item.
mobiles: derro wellborn boy ( SS, Derros )

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added: by Ferrum , 10.05.2002 19:16 MSK