type: Worn on Neck
name: blue steel shoulder guards
AC: -0.8
attributes: -1STR +1CON
restrictions: AdM AdC HT HW (AND)
look: A set of blue steel shoulder guards rests on the floor.
desc: Two pieces of blue steel inlaid with silver curve upwards from the sides
of a blue steel gorget. The silver on the central piece forms several
runes, adding their magic to the strength of the steel.
identify: Object 'guards blue steel shoulder', Item type: ARMOR
Weight: 8, Value: 525000
AC-apply is -0.8
Can affect you as :
Affects : CON By 1
Affects : STR By -1
Only those who are at least adept magic users and also adept clerics, and
among the most highly skilled thieves, and among the most highly skilled
warriors may use this item.
mobiles: captain unai ( TH, Upper Thalassas )

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added: by Falca , 14.05.2002 14:42 MSK