type: Worn as Shield
name: heavy greatshield
AC: -1.1
attributes: -10MV
restrictions: AdM AdC AdT AdW (OR)
look: A heavy greatshield has carelessly dropped here...It emits a faint humming sound!
desc: A polished green metal shield with a large beveled emblem or a knight,
this artifact seems to have a vigilence of its own, and moves back
and forth to block and blows aimed at its owner.
..It emits a faint humming sound!
identify: Object 'greatshield heavy great shield cp', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: HUM MAGIC
Weight: 16, Value: 250000
AC-apply is -1.1
Can affect you as :
Affects : MOVE By -10
Only those who are at least adept magic users or adept clerics, or adept
thieves, or adept warriors may use this item.


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added: by Falsra , 23.07.2002 19:26 MSK