type: Held High as Light
name: obsidian jewel of souls
AC: -0.0
attributes: +15MANA +15HPS
restrictions: AdM HC (AND)
look: A dark colored jewel has been carelessly left here...It has a soft glowing aura!
desc: The black jewel emanates with a strange dark light. Whispers surround
the jewel calling out. ..It has a soft glowing aura!

identify: Object 'jewel souls obsidian', Item type: LIGHT
Weight: 5, Value: 285000
Can affect you as :
Affects : HIT By 15
Affects : MANA By 15
Only those who are at least adept magic users and also among the most
highly skilled clerics may use this item.
mobiles: ygol lich ( BH, The Matterhorn )

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added: by Falsra , 30.07.2002 19:54 MSK