type: Spellbook
name: codex of demonic destruction
attributes: Demon Touch
restrictions: 31 mage
look: A codex of demonic destruction gyrates in the air.
desc: This spellbook is rumored to have been written by wizard Bomanz
back in his creative days, it is one of the spells nobody was able
to copy. The book itself acts as if it was alive and breathing, it
tries to free itself from your grasp and you can almost hear soft
giggling emanating from deep within the pages. Runes upon the
cover form the mysterious words 'ezwai hajqp'
identify: Object 'codex demonic', Item type: SPELLBOOK
Item is: MAGIC
Weight: 1, Value: 8000
Only those who are at least experienced magic users or experienced clerics,
or experienced thieves, or experienced warriors may use this item.
mobiles: FORGE
velvety slippers
arcane map tube
lucky rabbits foot charm
invisible misericord


added: by Falca , 01.08.2002 01:58 MSK