type: Food
name: bloody lollipop
restrictions: AdT
look: A lollipop made of viscous blood looks very attractive, for a vampire that is...It glows red!
desc: There is a rumor saying that the M.A.G.I.C. crew was once charged with the
task of creating the vampire-trap. A Vampire Committee was urgently created, and was one of the few to produce a result within given time. The trap served at least one purpose: it certainly was attractive for the vampires (especially babies), for it contained a clot of blood mixed with sugar and glazed. Hence the bloody lollipop has appeared...It glows red!
identify: Object 'lollipop blood bloody', Item type: FOOD
Item is: EVIL
Weight: 0, Value: 250
Only those who are at least adept thieves may use this item.

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added: by Ferrum , 30.08.2002 20:24 MSK