type: Spellbook
name: copper-plated spellbook
attributes: telepathy
restrictions: 10 mage
look: A slightly scratched copper-plated spellbook has been left here.
desc: The copper is badly scratched, but some runes are still visible through
the damage and green corrosion. There is also a barely visible engraved
outline of a peculiar elongated head with some sort of worms or
tentacles coming out of the jaw.
identify: Object 'spellbook copper hzrzsahpl', Item type: SPELLBOOK
Item is: NOBITS
Weight: 2, Value: 2000
Only those who are at least apprentice magic users may use this item.
mobiles: fen large ( Valkyre, Mystical Fens )
silk worm ( SS, Fairys )

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added: by Falca , 29.09.2002 21:57 MSK