type: Worn on Wrist
name: ashen bracelet
AC: -0.2
attributes: +1DAM +1RESIST FIRE
restrictions: 3x40
look: A bracelet covered in a fine ash waits to be picked up.
desc: The smooth chalky bracelet is slippery but very comfortable to wear.
identify: Object 'bracelet ashen', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: TRI-40-ITEM
Weight: 2, Value: 375000
AC-apply is -0.2
Can affect you as :
Affects : DAMROLL By 1
Affects : RESIST_FIRE By 1
Only those who have attained supremacy in at least three classes may use
this item.
mobiles: FORGE
rusted bracelet
multicolored urn
jar of embalming fluid
worn toe tag


added: by Falsra , 10.11.2002 18:23 MSK